• City Clerk

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    • Abstract: City ClerkCONTACT PERSON PHONE E-MAIL ADDRESSAndrea Lorenzo-Luaces, MMC407-327-5955 [email protected] ClerkJoan Brown407-327-5999 [email protected]

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City Clerk
Andrea Lorenzo-Luaces, MMC
407-327-5955 [email protected]
City Clerk
Joan Brown
407-327-5999 [email protected]
Deputy City Clerk
Donna Wade
407-327-6560 [email protected]
Assistant to City Clerk
Carol Lallathin
407-327-5961 [email protected]
Assistant to City Clerk
City Manager
Kevin Smith
407-327-5957 [email protected]
City Manager
Danielle Harker
407-327-5957 [email protected]
Assistant to the City Manager
Mayor and Commission
Mayor Charles Lacey 407-327-5956 [email protected]
Deputy Mayor Jean Hovey 407-462-0350 [email protected]
Commissioner Rick Brown 407-341-6025 [email protected]
Commissioner Gary Bonner 407-920-7650 [email protected]
Commissioner Cade Resnick 407-687-1965 [email protected]
Commissioner Joanne M. Krebs 407-699-4391 [email protected]
Anthony A. Garganese, Attorney 407-425-9566 [email protected]
Community Development
Randy Stevenson, ASLA
407-327-5970 [email protected]
Community Development Director
Michele Kelly
Community Development Administrative 407-327-5968 [email protected]
Bobby Howell, AICP
407-327-5966 [email protected]
Senior Planner (current)
Senior Planner (long range) 407-327-5967
Building Division
Inspection Line 407-327-7596
Michael Scheraldi
407-327-5972 [email protected]
Building Official
Steve Wood
407-327-5973 [email protected]
Building Inspector Residential & Commercial
Jon Davis
407-327-5971 [email protected]
Building Inspector Residential & Commercial
Urban Beautification
Steven Richart
407-327-5976 [email protected]
Urban Beautification Services Manager
Customer Service
Kim Trench
407-327-5963 [email protected]
Customer Service Manager
Christina Garred
407-327-5969 [email protected]
Permit Specialist
Finance & Administrative Services
Shawn Boyle
407-327-5960 [email protected]
Finance and Administrative Services Director
Donna Bruno-Borrelli
407-327-8985 [email protected]
City Controller
Kelly Balagia, CPA
407-327-7590 [email protected]
Management & Budget Analyst
Paul Green
407-327-5993 [email protected]
Staff Accountant
Roseann Prickel
407-327-5985 [email protected]
Staff Accountant
Amanda Brouwer
407-327-5951 [email protected]
Accounts Payable Clerk
Iris Freeman
407-327-5953 [email protected]
Revenue Officer
Casey Clark
407-327-5962 [email protected]
Human Resources Specialist
Eileen Garner
407-327-8954 [email protected]
Utility Services Manager
Marianne Mahoney
407-327-5996 [email protected]
Utility Billing Specialist
Nikki Scott
407-327-5996 [email protected]
Utility Billing Specialist
Christine Devittorio
407-327-5996 [email protected]
Utility Billing Specialist
Gayle Coutant
407-327-1800 [email protected]
Utility/Water Billing Information 407-327-5996
Utility Water Payment Information 407-327-5953
Utility/Water Billing Department Fax 407-327-4754
Seminole County Fire Administration 407-665-5175
Seminole County Fire Station "24" 407-327-7569
Seminole County Fire Station "26" 407- 327-8991
Seminole County Fire Station "28" 407-327-7592
Information Services
Joanne Dalka
407-327-5975 [email protected]
Information Services Director
Joe Alcala, MCSE, CISSP
407-327-7589 [email protected]
IT Coordinator/Security Administrator
JW Battle
407-327-7965 [email protected]
System Administrator I
Christopher Wall, MCP
407-327-5954 [email protected]
Network Administrator
Web/Multimedia Technician
Randy Arcebido
407-327-8990 [email protected]
Project & Application Support Specialist
Barbara Martin
407-327-7574 [email protected]
Projects Clerk
Ron Kandzer
407-327-6551 [email protected]
System Analysts / Kiva Administrator
Parks and Recreation
Information Line 407-327-6599
Chris Caldwell
407-327-6590 [email protected]
Parks and Recreation Director
Sherry Norman
407-327-6597 [email protected]
Administrative Secretary
Mike Barclay
407-327-6592 [email protected]
Recreation Superintendent
Mike Hesselbart
407-327-6589 [email protected]
Athletic Program Coordinator
Brian Dunigan
407-327-6593 [email protected]
Program & Events Coordinator
Eli Smith
321-377-4058 [email protected]
Park Ranger Program Coordinator
Senior & Civic Center
Susie Coffman
407-327-6554 [email protected]
Senior Center Manager
Laura Domenech
407-327-6554 [email protected]
Senior Program Coordinator
Gina Carollo
407-327-6556 [email protected]
Civic Center Office Attendant
Dell Walker
407-327-6577 [email protected]
Guest Services Therapy Pool
Information (Non-Emergency Line) 407-327-1000 [email protected]
Emergency 911
Crime Tips 407-327-8977 [email protected]
Criminal Investigations 407-327-7954
Kevin Brunelle
407-327-7964 [email protected]
Chief of Police
Mandy Minnetto
407-327-7964 [email protected]
Assistant to the Chief of Police
Capt. Kevin Presley
407-327-7954 [email protected]
Operations Bureau
Capt. Mike Noland
407-327-7966 [email protected]
Administrative Bureau
Capt. Chris Deisler
407-327-7550 [email protected]
Support Services Bureau
Capt. Jim Wilkins
407-327-7981 [email protected]
Criminal Investigations Bureau
Lt. Matt Tracht
407-327-7997 [email protected]
Internal Affairs Investigator
Cpl. Allison Smith
407-327-7963 [email protected]
Communications (Dispatch) Manager
Lt. Terry Baker
407-327-1000 [email protected]
Support Services Commander
Lt. Ron Cox
407-327-8987 [email protected]
Patrol Watch Commander
Lt. Robin Bernosky 407-327-1000 [email protected]
Lt. Will Maxwell
407-327-7958 [email protected]
Operations Support Commander
Lt. Doug Seely
407-327-7977 [email protected]
Det. Valerie Mendelson
407-327-7979 [email protected]
Det. David Raney
407-327-7980 [email protected]
Sgt. James Talley
407-327-1000 [email protected]
Alpha Shift
Sgt. Ken Frein
407-327-7558 [email protected]
Bravo Shift
Sgt. Brad Dula
407-327-7982 [email protected]
Charlie Shift
Sgt. John Maxwell
407-327-1000 [email protected]
Delta Shift
Sgt. Brad Heath
407-327-7557 [email protected]
Sgt. Nick Romano
407-327-7998 [email protected]
Operations Support
Kristina Hooper
407-327-7959 [email protected]
Evidence/Crime Scene
Cathy Presley
407-327-7969 [email protected]
Evidence/Crime Scene
Lena Titus
407-327-7970 [email protected]
Records Supervisor
Public Works / Utilities
Emergencies/Complaints 24 hours 407-327-2669
Water/Sewer Billing inquires
Kipton Lockcuff P.E.
407-327-5989 [email protected]
Utility/Public Works Director
Ken Hutchings
407-327-7578 [email protected]
Public Works Superintendent
Utilities Manager
Brian Fields
407-327-7597 [email protected]
City Engineer
Engineering Tech/Construction Inspector
Zynka Perez
407-327-5977 [email protected]
Storm water Utility Manager
Stephanie Wolfe
407-327-6584 [email protected]
Water Conservation Coordinator

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