• Human Resource Management

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    • Abstract: Human Resource ManagementProgram Description:The Human Resource Management (HRM) program helps students deal with thecomplexities and challenges of managing today’s workforce. The program is designed to

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Human Resource Management
Program Description:
The Human Resource Management (HRM) program helps students deal with the
complexities and challenges of managing today's workforce. The program is designed to
provide a comprehensive study of the following major human resource functions:
• Organizational theory and the behavior of the individuals within an organization
• Management theory and organizational leadership
• Strategic and Operational Aspects
• Employee Productivity and the Impact of Technology
• Training, Development and Facilitation
• Performance Appraisal
• Conflict Resolution
• Legal Issues
Individual clusters and the seminar-type format allow students to fully explore course
topics with peers and professors. At the completion of the program students will be
prepared to contribute to their organization's goals by effectively administering and
developing its resources.
For those students already in the field of human resources, the HRM program offers further
professional development and training.
Human Resource Management majors must fulfill:
• University general education requirements
• 57 semester hour core curriculum
• Capstone Course
Core Curriculum:
Cluster I
IBA 33000 Principles of Management
IBA 33200 Human Resource Management
IBA 43200 Managerial Ethics
Cluster II
IBA 20000 Principles of Financial Accounting
IBA 20100 Principles of Managerial Accounting
IBA 32000 Principles of Finance
Cluster III
IHR 35700 Employee Supervision
IHR 35800 Legal Issues for Human Resource Management
IHR 35900 Performance Management/Performance Appraisal Systems
Cluster IV
IHR 36100 Career/Staff Development
IHR 36200 Employee Training and Development
IHR 36300 Human Resources Information Systems
Cluster V
IHR 37000 Group Dynamics
IHR 37100 Conflict Resolution
IHR 41000 Labor Economics & Industrial Relations
Cluster VI
IHR 21000 Survey of Economics
IHR 35000 Principles of Marketing
IHR 47000 Global Business and Society
IBA 49900 Capstone Course (3)
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