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    • Abstract: CD playback. Music CD/CD-R/CD-RW playback is possible. MP3 file playback. It is possible to ... playback of the tracks will begin again. Pausing CD playback. Pause lets you temporarily ...

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Multi-CD control High power CD/MP3 player with
FM/AM tuner
Reproductor de CD/MP3 de alta potencia con control
de múltiples CD con sintonizador FM/AM
Operation Manual
Manual de Operación
00 Contents
Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.
Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to oper-
ate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, put them
away in a safe place for future reference.
Before You Start Built-in CD Player
About this manual 5 Playing a CD 14
Precautions 5 Introduction of advanced built-in CD player
Features 5 operation 15
• CD playback 5 Repeating play 15
• MP3 file playback 5 Playing tracks in a random order 15
Use and care of the remote control 5 Scanning tracks of a CD 16
• Installing the battery 5 Pausing CD playback 16
• Using the remote control 6 Using disc title functions 16
Protecting your unit from theft 6 • Entering disc titles 16
• Removing the front panel 6 • Displaying disc titles 17
• Attaching the front panel 7 Using CD TEXT functions 17
About the demo mode 7 • Displaying titles on CD TEXT discs 17
• Reverse mode 7 • Scrolling titles in the display 17
• Feature demo 7
What’s what 8 MP3 Player
• Head Unit 8 Playing a MP3 18
• Remote control 9 Introduction of advanced built-CD player
(MP3) operation 19
Power ON/OFF Repeating play 19
Turning the unit on 10 Playing tracks in a random order 20
Selecting a source 10 Scanning folders and tracks 20
Turning the unit off 10 Pausing MP3 playback 21
Displaying titles on MP3 disc 21
Tuner Scrolling titles in the display 21
Listening to the radio 11
Introduction of advanced tuner
operation 12
Storing and recalling broadcast
frequencies 12
Tuning in strong signals 13
Storing the strongest broadcast
frequencies 13
2 En
Contents 00
Multi-CD Player AudioAdjustments
Playing a CD 22 Introduction of audio adjustments 29
50-disc multi-CD player 22 Setting the sound focus equalizer 29
Introduction of advanced multi-CD player Using balance adjustment 30
operation 23 Using the equalizer 30
Repeating play 23 • Recalling equalizer curves 30
Playing tracks in a random order 24 • Adjusting equalizer curves 31
Scanning CDs and tracks 24 • Fine adjusting equalizer curve 31
Pausing CD playback 24 Adjusting bass 32
Using ITS playlists 25 Adjusting treble 32
• Creating a playlist with ITS Adjusting loudness 32
programming 25 Using subwoofer output 32
• Playback from your ITS playlist 25 • Adjusting subwoofer settings 33
• Erasing a track from your ITS Using non fading output 33
playlist 26 • Adjusting non fading output level 33
• Erasing a CD from your ITS playlist 26 Using the high pass filter 34
Using disc title functions 26 Adjusting source levels 34
• Entering disc titles 26
• Displaying disc titles 27 Initial Settings
• Selecting discs from the disc Adjusting initial settings 35
title list 27 Setting the time 35
Using CD TEXT functions 28 Setting the FM tuning step 35
• Displaying titles on CD TEXT discs 28 Setting the AM tuning step 36
• Scrolling titles in the display 28 Switching the warning tone 36 Italiano
Using compression and bass emphasis 28 Switching the auxiliary setting 36
Switching the dimmer setting 36
Selecting the brightness 37
Setting the rear output and
subwoofer controller 37
Switching the Telephone
Muting/Attenuation 38
En 3
00 Contents
Other Functions
Setting the time display on or off 38
Using different entertainment displays 38
Using the AUX source 38
• Selecting AUX as the source 39
• Setting the AUX title 39
Using the telephone muting/attenuation
function 39
Additional Information
CD player and care 40
CD-R/CD-RW discs 41
Understanding built-in CD player error
messages 41
MP3 files 42
About folders and MP3 files 43
Terms 44
Specifications 45
4 En
Before You Start 01
About this manual Features
This unit features a number of sophisticated
functions ensuring superior reception and oper-
ation. All the functions have been designed for CD playback
the easiest possible use, but many are not self-
Music CD/CD-R/CD-RW playback is possible.
explanatory. This operation manual will help you
benefit fully from this product’s potential and to
maximize your listening enjoyment.
MP3 file playback
We recommend that you familiarize yourself
with the functions and their operation by read- It is possible to play back MP3 files recorded on
ing through the manual before you begin using CD-ROM/CD-RW (ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2 stan-
this unit. It is especially important that you read dard recordings). (Refer to page 18.)
and observe precautions on this page and in
other sections.
This manual explains head unit operation. You
can perform the same operations with the Use and care of the remote con-
remote control.
Installing the battery
CAUTION: USE OF CONTROL OR Slide the tray out on the back of the remote
ADJUSTMENT OR PER- control and insert the battery with the plus (+)
and minus (–) poles pointing in the proper direc-
• Keep this manual handy as a reference for WARNING
operating procedures and precautions. Keep the battery out of the reach of children.
• Always keep the volume low enough so you Should the battery be swallowed, immediately
can hear sounds outside of the car. consult a doctor.
• Protect this product from moisture.
• If the battery is disconnected or discharged,
the preset memory will be erased and must be
• If this unit does not operate properly, contact
your dealer or nearest authorized Pioneer
Service Station.
En 5
01 Before You Start
Protecting your unit from theft
• Use only one CR2025 (3V) lithium battery. The front panel can be detached from the head
• Remove the battery if the remote control is not unit and stored in the protective case provided
to be used for a month or longer. to discourage theft.
• Do not recharge, disassemble, heat or dis- • If the front panel is not detached from the
pose of battery in fire. head unit within five seconds of turning off
• Do not handle the battery with metallic tools. the ignition, a warning tone will sound.
• Do not store the battery with metallic materi- • You can turn off the warning tone. See
als. Switching the warning tone on page 36.
• In the event of battery leakage, wipe the
remote control completely clean and install a
new battery.
• When disposing of used batteries, please • Never use force or grip the display and the
comply with governmental regulations or buttons tightly when removing or attaching.
environmental public institution’s rules that • Avoid subjecting the front panel to excessive
apply in your country/area. shocks.
• Keep the front panel out of direct sunlight and
high temperatures.
Using the remote control
Point the remote control in the direction of the
front panel to operate.
Removing the front panel
1 Press OPEN to open the front panel.
• Do not store the remote control in high tem- 2 Grip the left side of the front panel and pull
peratures or direct sunlight. it gently outward.
• The remote control may not function properly Take care not to grip it tightly or drop it.
in direct sunlight.
• Do not let the remote control fall onto the
floor, where it may become jammed under the
brake or accelerator pedals.
3 Put the front panel into the protective case
provided for safe keeping.
6 En
Before You Start 01
Attaching the front panel About the demo mode
This product features two demonstration
Replace the front panel by holding it upright
modes. one is the reverse mode, the other is the
to this unit and clipping it securely into the
feature demo mode.
mounting hooks.
Reverse mode
If you do not perform an operation within about
30 seconds, screen indications start to reverse,
and then continue reversing every 10 seconds.
Pressing 5 numbered button when power to this
product is switched off while the ignition switch
is set to ACC or ON cancels the reverse mode.
Pressing 5 numbered button again to start the
reverse mode.
Feature demo
The feature demo automatically starts when
power to this product is switched off while the
ignition switch is set to ACC or ON. Pressing 6
numbered button during feature demo opera-
tion cancels the feature demo mode. Pressing 6
numbered button again to start the feature
mode. remember that if the feature demo con-
tinues operating when the car engine is
switched off, it may drain battery power.
• You cannot cancel a demo mode when the
front panel is open.
• The red lead (ACC) of this product should be
connected to a terminal coupled with ignition
switch on/off operations. If this is not done,
the vehicle battery may be drained.
En 7
01 Before You Start
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
! ~ = - 0
What’s what 7 OPEN button
Press to open the front panel.
8 AUDIO button
Head Unit Press to select various sound quality con-
9 5/∞/2/3 buttons
Press to change to the entertainment dis-
Press to do manual seek tuning, fast for-
ward, reverse and track search controls. Also
used for controlling functions.
When you press the VOLUME, it extends
0 SFEQ button
outward so that it becomes easier to turn.
Press to select a natural sound with pres-
To retract the VOLUME, press it again.
Rotate to increase or decrease the volume.
- BAND/ESC button
3 CLOCK button
Press to select among three FM and one AM
Press to change to the clock display.
bands and cancel the control mode of func-
4 DISPLAY button
Press to select different displays.
= 1–6 (PRESET TUNING) buttons
Press for preset tuning and disc number
5 PAUSE button
search when using a multi-CD player.
Press to pause play.
~ SOURCE button
6 FUNCTION button
This unit is switched on by selecting a
Press to select functions.
source. Press to cycle through all of the
available sources.
8 En
Before You Start 01
- %
6 8
# $
! EQ button
Press to select various equalizer curves.
Remote control
The supplied remote control enables convenient
remote operation of the head unit. Operation is
the same as when using button on the head
@ VOLUME button
Press to increase or decrease the volume.
# CD button
Press to select the built-in or multi-CD player
as source.
$ TUNER button
Press to select the tuner as source.
% ATT button
Press to quickly lower the volume level, by
about 90%. Press once more to return to the
original volume level.
En 9
02 Power ON/OFF
Turning the unit on • External unit refers to a Pioneer product (such
as one available in the future) that, although
incompatible as a source, enables control of
Press SOURCE to turn the unit on. basic functions by this unit. Two external units
When you select a source the unit is turned on. can be controlled by this unit. When two exter-
nal units are connected, the allocation of
them to external unit 1 or external unit 2 is
automatically set by this unit.
• When this unit’s blue/white lead is connected
Selecting a source to the car’s auto-antenna relay control termi-
nal, the car’s antenna extends when this
You can select a source you want to listen to. To unit’s source is switched on. To retract the
switch to the built-in CD player, load a disc in antenna, switch the source off.
this unit (refer to page 14).
• When using the head unit, press SOURCE to
select a source. Turning the unit off
Press SOURCE repeatedly to switch between
the following sources:
Built-in CD player—TV—Tuner—Multi-CD Press SOURCE and hold for at least one sec-
player—External unit 1—External unit 2 —AUX ond to turn the unit off.
• When using the remote control, press
TUNER or CD to select a source.
Press each button repeatedly to switch between
the following sources:
TUNER: TV—Tuner—Sources off
CD: Built-in CD player—Multi-CD player—
Sources off
• In the following cases, the sound source will
not change:
— When a product corresponding to each
source is not connected to this unit.
— When no disc is set in this unit.
— When no magazine is set in the multi-CD
— When the AUX (auxiliary input) is set to off
(refer to page 36).
10 En
Tuner 03
Listening to the radio 4 To perform manual tuning, press 2 or 3
with quick presses.
The frequencies move up or down step by step.
1 23
5 To perform seek tuning, press and hold 2
or 3 for about one second and release.
The tuner will scan the frequencies until a
broadcast strong enough for good reception is
• You can cancel seek tuning by pressing either
2 or 3 with a quick press.
These are the basic steps necessary to operate • If you press and hold 2 or 3 you can skip
the radio. More advanced tuner operation is broadcasting stations. Seek tuning starts as
explained starting on page 12. soon as you release the buttons.
Important Note
If you are using this unit in North, Central or • When the frequency selected is being broad-
South America, reset the AM tuning step (see cast in stereo the STEREO (ST ) indicator will
Setting the AM tuning step on page 36). light.
1 STEREO (ST) indicator
Shows that the frequency selected is being
broadcast in stereo.
2 BAND indicator
Shows which band the radio is tuned to, AM
or FM.
3 PRESET NUMBER indicator
Shows what preset has been selected.
4 FREQUENCY indicator
Shows to which frequency the tuner is
1 Press SOURCE to select the tuner.
Press SOURCE until you see Tuner displayed.
2 Use VOLUME to adjust the sound level.
Rotate to increase or decrease the volume.
3 Press BAND/ESC to select a band.
Press BAND/ESC until the desired band is dis-
played, FM1, FM2, FM3 for FM or AM.
En 11
03 Tuner
Introduction of advanced tuner Storing and recalling broadcast
operation frequencies
If you press any of the PRESET TUNING buttons
you can easily store up to six broadcast frequen-
cies for later recall with the touch of a button.
When you find a frequency that you want to
store in memory press a PRESET TUNING but-
1 ton and hold until the preset number stops
1 FUNCTION display The number you have pressed will flash in the
Shows the function status. PRESET NUMBER indicator and then remain lit.
The selected radio station frequency has been
Press FUNCTION to display the function stored in memory.
names. The next time you press the same PRESET TUN-
Press FUNCTION repeatedly to switch between ING button the radio station frequency is
the following functions: recalled from memory.
BSM (best stations memory)—LOCAL (local
seek tuning) Notes
• To return to the frequency display, press
BAND/ESC. • Up to 18 FM stations, 6 for each of the three
FM bands, and 6 AM stations can be stored in
Note • You can also use 5 and ∞ to recall radio sta-
• If you do not operate the function within about tion frequencies assigned to PRESET TUNING
30 seconds, the display is automatically buttons.
returned to the frequency display.
12 En
Tuner 03
Tuning in strong signals Storing the strongest broadcast
Local seek tuning lets you tune in only those
radio stations with sufficiently strong signals for BSM (best stations memory) lets you automati-
good reception. cally store the six strongest broadcast frequen-
cies under PRESET TUNING buttons 1–6 and
1 Press FUNCTION to select LOCAL. once stored there you can tune in to those fre-
Press FUNCTION until Local appears in the quencies with the touch of a button.
1 Press FUNCTION to select BSM.
2 Press 5 to turn local seek tuning on. Press FUNCTION until BSM appears in the dis-
Local seek sensitivity (e.g., Local 2) appears in play.
the display.
2 Press 5 to turn BSM on.
3 Press 2 or 3 to set the sensitivity. BSM begins to flash. While BSM is flashing the
There are four levels of sensitivity for FM and six strongest broadcast frequencies will be
two levels for AM: stored under PRESET TUNING buttons in order
FM: Local 1—Local 2—Local 3—Local 4 of their signal strength. When finished, BSM
AM: Local 1—Local 2 stops flashing.
The Local 4 setting allows reception of only the • To cancel the storage process, press ∞.
strongest stations, while lower settings let you
receive progressively weaker stations.
4 When you want to return to normal seek • Storing broadcast frequencies with BSM may
tuning, press ∞ to turn local seek tuning off. replace broadcast frequencies you have saved
Local :OFF appears in the display. using PRESET TUNING.
En 13
04 Built-in CD Player
Playing a CD 4 Use VOLUME to adjust the sound level.
Rotate to increase or decrease the volume.
1 5 To perform fast forward or reverse, press
and hold 2 or 3.
6 To skip back or forward to another track,
press 2 or 3.
Pressing 3 skips to the start of the next track.
Pressing 2 once skips to the start of the current
track. Pressing again will skip to the previous
These are the basic steps necessary to play a track.
CD with your built-in CD player. More advanced
CD operation is explained starting on page 15.
1 TRACK NUMBER indicator • The built-in CD player plays one, standard,
Shows the track currently playing. 12-cm or 8-cm (single) CD at a time. Do not
use an adapter when playing 8-cm CDs.
2 PLAY TIME indicator • Do not insert anything other than a CD into
Shows the elapsed playing time of the cur- the CD loading slot.
rent track. • If you cannot insert a disc completely or if
after you insert a disc the disc does not play,
1 Press OPEN to open the front panel. check that the label side of the disc is up.
CD loading slot appears. Press EJECT to eject the disc, and check the
• After inserting a CD, press SOURCE to select disc for damage before inserting the disc
the built-in CD player. again.
• 5 and ∞ are used at the time of MP3 play-
2 Insert a CD into the CD loading slot. back.
Playback will automatically start. • If the built-in CD player does not operate prop-
CD loading slot erly, an error message such as ERROR-11 may
be displayed. Refer to Understanding built-in
CD player error messages on page 41.
EJECT button
• You can eject a CD by pressing EJECT.
• To avoid a malfunction, make sure that no
metal object comes into contact with the front
panel is open.
3 After a CD has been inserted, close the
front panel.
14 En
Built-in CD Player 04
Introduction of advanced built-in Repeating play
CD player operation
Repeat play lets you hear the same track over
1 Press FUNCTION to select RPT.
Press FUNCTION until Repeat appears in the
1 2 Press 5 to turn repeat play on.
Repeat :ON appears in the display. The track
presently playing will play and then repeat.
1 FUNCTION display
Shows the function status.
3 Press ∞ to turn repeat play off.
Repeat :OFF appears in the display. The track
Press FUNCTION to display the function
presently playing will continue to play and then
play the next track.
Press FUNCTION repeatedly to switch between
the following functions:
RPT (repeat play)—RDM (random play)— Note
T.SCAN (scan play)—PAUSE (pause)
• If you perform track search or fast
• To return to the playback display, press
forward/reverse, repeat play is automatically
• If you do not operate the function within about
30 seconds, the display is automatically Playing tracks in a random order
returned to the playback display.
Random play lets you play back tracks on the
CD in a random order. Italiano
1 Press FUNCTION to select RDM.
Press FUNCTION until Random appears in the
2 Press 5 to turn random play on.
Random :ON appears in the display. Tracks will
play in a random order.
3 Press ∞ to turn random play off.
Random :OFF appears in the display. Tracks will

Use: 0.0945