• Drugs, Grooming and Hygiene Products

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Grooming and Hygiene Products
Also See Fact Sheets 117A, 117B, 117C, 117D, 117E
Sales Tax
Fact Sheet
This fact sheet defines grooming and hygiene products Other taxable items:
and provides a summary of how Minnesota sales and use
• Band-aids (unless medi- • first aid kits
tax applies to these items. cated) • hair care products such
• baby oil, powder and as gel, mousse, spray,
Grooming and hygiene products creams color, permanent wave,
Grooming and hygiene products, including grooming • condoms volumizing, conditioners,
and hygiene products for babies, are taxable. Grooming • bath oils, salt, sprays, treatments, brushes and
and hygiene products are defined to include only the fol- beads, etc. combs
lowing items: • colognes and perfumes • hand and body lotions
• cosmetics • moisturizers
• antiperspirants • cotton balls and swabs • shaving products
• cleaning solutions (face wash, exfoliates, scrubs, • denture cleaners and • vitamins and minerals
douches, etc.) adhesives (taxable as dietary sup-
• mouthwash • deodorants plements)
• shampoo • feminine hygiene prod-
• soaps (bar, liquid, body wash, powder, etc.) ucts such as douches,
• suntan lotions and sunscreens wipes, and sprays
• toothpaste
The seven product categories listed above are taxable Brand names are shown for illustration purposes only
even if prescribed by a doctor or medical professional, or and do not imply sole representation in any category.
if they meet the definition of over-the-counter drug.
Products, other than those listed above, are exempt as
over-the-counter drugs if their packaging includes a
"drug facts" panel or a statement of the active ingredi- M. S. 297A.67, Subd. 7, Drugs; Medical Devices
ents. However, if a product included in one of the seven Be sure to see these fact sheets:
categories listed above can only be obtained with a pre- Drugs, #117A
scription written by a licensed health care professional, Durable Medical Equipment, #117B
the product is exempt as the sale of a drug. Mobility Enhancing Equipment, #117C
Prosthetic Devices, #117D
There are many products that are commonly thought of Health Product Exemptions, #117E
as grooming and hygiene products that are not included Health Care Facilities, #172
in the definition above. An item that does not meet the Other fact sheets you may need:
definition of “grooming and hygiene products” is taxable Sales to Government, #142
unless it meets the criteria for an over-the-counter drug. Use Tax for Businesses, #146
Often, categories of products include both taxable and Local Sales and Use Taxes, #164
exempt items. For example, some types or brands of
body powders and creams are exempt as over-the-
counter drugs because they have a list of active ingredi-
ents on the packaging, while others are taxable because
they have no active ingredients. Remember to check the
label to determine whether a specific item is exempt or
not. Refer to Fact Sheet 117A for more information on
drugs and over-the-counter drugs.
Sales and Use Tax Division – Mail Station 6330 – St. Paul, MN 55146-6330 This fact sheet is intended to help you become more familiar with Minnesota tax
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