• Mid-Cycle Grants Criteria

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    • Abstract: Komen for the Cure. Willingness to. acknowledge support of. Komen Southern Nevada. Affiliate ... Komen Southern Nevada. Affiliate. Allow participation of. Komen Southern Nevada. Affiliate ...

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Education Grants Conference Grants Travel Scholarships
Intended to support Intended to support local Intended to provide travel
“unexpected” costs scientific or educational assistance to attend,
associated with a project meetings, conferences, and participate in, and/or
(e.g. purchase of symposia with an emphasis present at meetings,
educational materials, food on those that help further conferences, symposia or
costs of a presentation the body of knowledge professional trainings that
session, survivor related to research, would increase community
Purpose/ recognition, etc.) treatment, education, and/or services or knowledge of
Description understanding of issues breast health/breast cancer
NOT intended to support related to breast cancer. and/or facilitate the
salary, services for an exchange of ideas and
individual (e.g., communication between the
mammography, ultrasound), scientific and lay public.
or development of materials Travel assistance may
for breast health/cancer include registration, food,
projects. transportation, and lodging.
Non-profit organizations, Non-profit organizations, Non-profit organizations,
Who is educational institutions, educational institutions, individuals, health care
eligible? and/or government and/or government professionals, and staff or
agencies agencies volunteer advocates
Maximum $1,000 domestic or
$2,000 $5,000
Amount $2,000 international
• Specific to breast health/ • Specific to breast health/ • Conference is relevant to
breast cancer breast cancer breast health/breast
• Relevant to the mission of • Acknowledgement of cancer as demonstrated
Komen for the Cure support from the Komen by agenda, etc.
• Willingness to Southern Nevada Affiliate • Applicant is able to explain
acknowledge support of in all printed materials how his/her participation
Komen Southern Nevada • Participation of Komen will be a benefit to
Affiliate Southern Nevada Affiliate community
• Report financials and representative where • Applicant must attend
project progress to the appropriate majority of conference and
Komen Southern Nevada • Complimentary continuing education
Affiliate registration for at least two credits, if offered
• Allow participation of (2) Affiliate • Written report/presentation
Komen Southern Nevada representatives, if submitted after conference
Affiliate representatives appropriate • Travel expenses are
where appropriate • Display area where reimbursed up to the
• Not for a fund raising appropriate approved travel
activity • Activity report following scholarship amount upon
meeting/conference that presentation of receipts.
includes number of
participants, evaluation of
program, and impact of
Affiliate sponsorship and

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