• February 20, 2007 Dear Exploratorium Teacher Institute Alumnus:

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February 20, 2007
Dear Exploratorium Teacher Institute Alumnus:
This summer we invite you to engage in further fun and exploration at the
Exploratorium. As part of the Teacher Institute's 23rd summer of programs for teachers,
we will be conducting two-week workshops exploring special topics. These workshops
are open only to alumni of the Teacher Institute and come with a $550 stipend with
the exception of the Gold Rush to the Golden Gate workshop (see detailed description
for program and stipend exceptions). Participation will be five and one-half hours a
day—three and one-half hours of class and two hours of project and independent
work time. We’ll highlight science topics outlined in the National and California State
During these two-week sessions, you will explore concepts using museum
exhibits, engage in innovative activities and lessons, and spend research time in the
Learning Studio. Exploratorium scientists, educators, exhibit builders and technology
specialists will be available to help you with your projects. Four two-week Institutes
will be offered this summer. The dates and topics are listed on the following pages.
We want to remind you that we are offering a 4 week long Leadership
Institute for our alumni with seven or more years of teaching experience.
This Institute prepares mentors and in-class coaches for our New Teacher
Program. The Leadership Institute dates are June 19th – July 13th. If you are interested
in this Institute, but haven’t talked to us yet, please let Tory Brady or Modesto Tamez at
(415) 353-0499 know as soon as possible.
We also encourage you to spread the word about our introductory 4 week
Summer Institute to your colleagues interested in joining the TI family.
They can get an application by calling (415) 561-0313 or by visiting our website at
www.exploratorium.edu/ti and download the application.
Please fill out the enclosed application. The application must be post marked
on or before April 15, 2007. Notification letters will be mailed during the early part of
Sincerely yours,
Exploratorium Teacher Institute
teacher institute
2007 summer institute alumnus schedule
July 30 – August 10, 2007
monday – friday 8:30 am – 2:00 pm
Better Living through Chemistry
Middle and High School Teachers
Join us as we explore the chemistry of our everyday lives. We will do hands-on
activities that highlight the role of chemistry in a range of areas such as cooking,
photography, driving, cleaning, building and bodily functions. Build your chemistry
content knowledge and return to school in the fall with plenty of materials to convince
your students that their life is better due to chemistry!
General Science - CSET Test Prep
Middle and High School Teachers
Do you need help passing the CSET in General Science I or II? Join us for a hands-on
workshop at the Exploratorium Teacher Institute designed to help you better
understand key concepts on the test and give you ideas for teaching these concepts to
your students. Using exhibits and classroom activities, topics will explore force and
motion, electricity and magnetism, earthquakes and plate tectonics, atoms and the
periodic table, astronomy, genetics, cell biology, and thermodynamics. This institute
will include classroom instruction, practice test questions, time each day to study
content on your own or in small groups, and access to Exploratorium teacher
Our curriculum will align with the CA state standards as well as the content domains
on the CSET General Science examinations.
For afternoon session options, see the next page!
teacher institute
2007 summer institute alumnus schedule
July 30 – August 10, 2007
monday – friday 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Gold Rush to the Golden Gate Summer Institute
Middle and High School Teachers
(Please note: includes overnight camping and boating adventures!)
Trace the path of the San Francisco Bay watershed from the foothills of the Sierra to
the Pacific Ocean! This two-week summer institute is an introduction to the scientific
processes and cultural, political and natural history of the San Francisco Bay watershed
and is co-presented by Save The Bay (www.savesfbay.org) and the Exploratorium
Teacher Institute (www.exploratorium.edu/ti). During the institute you will have the
opportunity to learn in the field and in the Exploratorium Teacher Institute’s
classroom. The program includes hands-on activities, canoeing, wetland plant
restoration, guest speakers, and interdisciplinary curriculum resources. The first three
days of the institute feature camping and canoeing through the Bay’s watershed and
participants must be available for this portion from Monday, July 30 to Wednesday,
August 1 (two nights away from home). Other field explorations will include wetland
restoration, canoeing in Bay sloughs, and two day-trips on the Bay. Most days will be
noon to 5:30 p.m., however due the nature of this institute, hours may vary. All field
trip fees will be covered, and in addition a stipend of $220 is provided upon
completion. Our funders are interested in 6th-12th grade Bay Area educators teaching
underserved students. Therefore, those teachers will have priority.
Middle and High School Teachers
Catch the viral fever! In this session we’ll explore viruses from A to Z – adenovirus to
zoonoses! Viruses are notorious as agents of a range of maladies from colds to HIV-
AIDS and “emerging” diseases. In addition to the “how” and “why” of their impact on
public health, we’ll examine the use of viruses in contemporary genetic engineering
and their significant role as a driving force of evolution. Viruses – they’re infectious!
Appropriate for middle and high school teachers.
This Institute is funded by National Institutes of Health NCRR SEPA
teacher institute
2007 summer institute alumnus application
3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 561-0313, FAX (415) 561-0307
email: [email protected]
NOTE: Please print neatly or type your application.
Home Address:
City/State Zip:
Home Phone: School Phone:
Please complete your school information.
School where you teach:
City & State
Middle High Other
Which Institute do you prefer? Please write your choices below.
If your choice is the
CSET prep seminar, are
1st Choice
you taking the CSET in
the next 12 months?
2nd Choice
Yes No
3rd Choice
For your answers 1 –3, you may choose to attach a résumé.
1. What year did you begin teaching in a formal classroom setting?
2. List the courses you taught during the 2006/2007 academic year.
Course Grade Level
(more on next page)
3. List your educational background, including professional development or other
relevant career experiences.
College, University or Professional Development Degree Subject Year
For your answers to questions 4, 5 & 6, please attach a separate sheet. Please print
neatly or type your responses.
4. What roles have you played in education outside the classroom? For example,
mentoring, presenting workshops for teacher colleagues, participating in school
curriculum development, publications, etc.
5. Describe your teaching experience. You could include: What are your classes like?
What special challenges do you face? Have you ever built things for your classroom?
6. How have your experiences with the Exploratorium Teacher Institute influenced
your teaching? What do you hope to gain by participating in this two-week institute?

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