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    • Abstract: By combining their knowledge, TMM Software and Ilex offer a solution that is perfectly ... The Multimed software platform from TMM Software offers communication and entertainment ...

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Press Release
Paris, 30th November 2010
TMM Software and Ilex combine their knowledge of the healthcare sector.
Healthcare is a complex economic sector where legislative oversight is rigorous. Establishments need to
combine data security and ergonomics. Computerisation of tools used in the provision of healthcare
(patient file, medical prescriptions, care records, etc.) can not be avoided. Then again, how can these
applications be accessed securely from the patient's bedside?
By combining their knowledge, TMM Software and Ilex offer a solution that is perfectly adapted to
the requirements of the healthcare establishment.
The Multimed software platform from TMM Software offers communication and entertainment solutions
for patients as well as access to medical/care applications for healthcare professionals on all types of
touch-screen terminals. Sign&go Santé, the access control and Single-Sign-On solution from Ilex, has
just enhanced this product by adding a security dimension when healthcare professionals access
applications from the terminals.
Connection is quick and simple. Switching between patient (information/entertainment) and healthcare-
professional contexts is immediate and secure. Authentication of the professional can be performed by
CPS card, enabling the establishment to adhere to the regulations in force (Confidentiality Decree).
In reality, each terminal is permanently associated to a bed, and a bed is allocated to each patient at the
point of admission to a department. When consulting with the patient, a doctor inserts their CPS card in
the card-reader integrated into the multimedia terminal and is then presented with a Sign&go Santé
authentication screen asking them to enter their PIN code on the virtual keyboard. To do this, the
entertainment context is placed in the background so that the doctor's context can be displayed. Once
the PIN code has been entered, Sign&go Santé verifies the card holder's identity via the certificate held
within it. The application is automatically launched, enabling the doctor to directly access the patient's
medical file.Removal of the CPS card automatically disconnects the session and the patient is returned to
their entertainment context.
This technology partnership ensures higher functionality and a perfect interoperability between the
solutions from Ilex and TMM Software. The Valence and Castres-Mazamet Hospitals have already
decided to equip their establishments with touch-screen multimedia terminals integrating the TMM
Software and Ilex solutions, giving them access to CristalNet (Valence hospital) and Cortexte (Castres-
Mazamet hospital) for accessing patient files. This solution satisfies the needs of the hospital of the future
by making hospital IT available from anywhere and to all authorised users. It equally extends to
'administrative' services, such as the biocleaning and maintenance management modules, both
developed and implemented by TMM Software.
About Ilex
Ilex is a software provider specialising in IAM (Identity & Access Management). Their offering is based around 3
products: Sign&go (Web SSO, Enterprise SSO and Federation of Identities), Meibo (workflow, provisioning and role
management) and Meibo People Pack (a packaged solution for enterprise employee lifecycle management).
Provider to most of the blue chip companies, during these past 10 years Ilex has developed proven expertise in access
control and identity management.
Their most emblematic references are: Orange, Air France, L’Oréal, The Bank of France, Société Générale, Groupama,
organisations such as the French Senate, the National Assembly, numerous Ministries, EDF, la Poste, La DGME, Veolia
Environnement, the ARH Franche-Comté, the AP-HP, the AP-HM, and over 30 healthcare establishments (General and
University hospitals) and networks.
For more information: www.ilex.fr
About TMM Software
Created in 2009, TMM Software is a software provider specialising in the hospitals sector. Its Multimed platform,
deployed on all types of touch-screen terminals, offers patients a large range of multi-media entertainment and Ilex
communication services and access to medical and hospital applications for healthcare professionals. The Multimed
software is installed or being installed in almost half of the hospital beds in France, nearly 4000 installations, in 51 boulevard Voltaire
establishments such as the hospitals of Lyon, Valence, Castres, Liege, Dijon and more... 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine
For more information: www.tmm-software.com
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