• LKW WALTER – social responsibility

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LKW WALTER – social responsibility
In addition to financial and ecological criteria, social responsibility to our employees and customers is
an important prerequisite for lasting commercial success.
Our company philosophy assumes that individuals search for a sense of purpose in terms of their
economic dealings, searching for a task which will allow them to develop their personalities. This is one
of the reasons why LKW WALTER advocates a cooperative management style, granting our employees
maximum scope for development and the highest levels of personal responsibility.
We o er our employees a challenging, communicative working environment which opens up interesting
opportunities for their personal and professional development.
We also promote social and cultural activities in order to maintain social contacts. We advocate a
healthy lifestyle and give our full support to employees who undertake sporting and fitness activities.
With these initiatives we support our programme against alcohol and drug abuse.
LKW WALTER endeavours to employ talented individuals from all over Europe – the company
welcomes cultural diversity. Employee satisfaction is our top priority.
We aim to win the trust of our customers, and always endeavour to provide them with a high-quality
service. We wish to make a lasting social contribution to economic prosperity and social cohesion – in
harmony with nature and the environment in which we live.
LKW WALTER also o ers employees and customers the security of a healthy, financially strong private
enterprise which is set to continue in its leading, responsible position in the European Full Truck Load
transport – “by road and combined transport“ – in the future.
June 2005 The executive board

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