• Global and China LED Industry Report,

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Global and China LED Industry Report,
Ind str Report
LED is currently the most popular investment topic in the
electronic field. Take the MOCVD equipment of LED upstream as
q p p
an example, the estimated shipment of MOCVD equipment in
2010 will reach 662, equivalent to the sum total of the previous
three years, and promisingly, Year 2011 will maintain or even
exceed thi hi h shipment. Th unit selling price of MOCVD
d this high hi t The it lli i f
equipment is about US$1-2 million, and Chinese government
offers a maximum subsidy of 50%, consequently, there occurs an
upsurge of LED investment and a boom in MOCVD p
p g purchase in
China. In 2010, the quantity of MOCVD equipment registered with
National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) alone is
nearly 700, and some manufacturers even purchase directly
instead of waiting for the subsidy of NDRC. MOCVD equipment is
almost monopolized by German AIXTRON and American
VEECO, but the output capacities of both companies are limited,
so, the orders have been arranged till 2012.
LED market made a great leap in the second half of 2009. On the one hand, the application of LED backlight by
notebooks surged from 15% at the end of 2008 to approximately 60%, and is expected to hit 88%, or 98% according
to the prediction of some institutions, by the end of 2010. On the other hand, the application of LED backlight by LCD
TV increased from 0.01% at the end of 2008 to 10%, and is expected to reach 27% at the end of 2010, while
the application of LED backlight by LCD display grew from 0.01% at the end of 2008 to 5%. The LED market has
expanded dramatically, from US$7 billion in 2009 to US$10.7 billion in 2010, which is a growth rate unreachable by
any other electronic products. Along with growing LED brightness and falling prices, the share of LED in general
lighting field is expected to be increased greatly; general lighting market is of huge potential with the market size
reaching US$100 billion. Promisingly, the LED market can reach US$20.4 billion in 2012.
The global LED market falls into three camps
The 1st camp takes Japan, Europe & America as the representatives. The global Top 5 LED giants all belong to this
camp, namely NICHIA, TOYODA GOSEI, LUMILEDS, CREE and OSRAM; this camp also covers TOSHIBA,
PANASONIC and SHARP. It possesses high-class technologies, abundant patents and has been dedicated to the
UHB-LED field for many years, aiming at both general lighting and automotive lighting markets. Japanese
enterprises give a little attention to the LED in the backlight of consumer electronics, while European and American
enterprises show no interest at all
Manufacturers in South Korea and Taiwan form the 2nd camp. With integrated consumer electronics industry chain
and interest in the LED for the backlight of consumer electronics, they are experiencing high-speed growth despite
the gap with European and American enterprises in technology.
The manufacturers in Chinese Mainland belong to the 3rd camp. They are of small scale, scattered, and of low
technology. Take packaging as an example, there are not more than 5 packaging plants in South Korea, while in
Chinese Mainland, there are nearly 1,000, many of which are dealing with resin package of minimum technical
content and f
t t d few of which are engaged i SMD packaging. Th annual revenue of all th
f hi h d in k i The l f ll these manufacturers f il t
f t fails to
reach that of EVERLIGHT, the leading enterprise in Taiwan, and there are also large discrepancies between
EVERLIGHT and South Korean manufacturers. The technologies possessed by manufacturers in Chinese
Mainland are low-level and many of the manufacturers p
y produce quaternionic green/yellow LED which is mainly
q g y y
applied in outdoor landscape, decoration or advertisement. Mainland China is the world’s largest production base
of consumer electronics, but the purchasing right is centralized in the hands of Taiwanese and South Korean
manufacturers. As a result, the mainland manufacturers can only see the rapid development of LED market in
consumer electronics fi ld b t cannot b
l t i field but t benefit from it. As for the general lighting field, it is more beyond their reach
fit f it A f th l li hti fi ld i b d th i h
due to their backward technology.
The mainland manufacturers cannot share the high-growth LED market, but they have the highest investment
g g , y g
enthusiasm and LED projects start everywhere. Large quantities of MOCVD equipment have been bought in and
the LED project in Wuhu alone needs more than 200 sets of MOCVD equipment. A single set of MOCVD
equipment possesses over 2,000 parameters, so, it is not so easy to produce qualified products. In addition, there
are numerous thresholds for LED patent, and incaution will cause troubles. Some enterprises, especially NICHIA,
are never bored with patent lawsuits.
Revenue of Global 21 LED Epitaxy Manufacturers, 2008-2010
Table of Contents
• 1. LED Profile • 2.4.2 LED TV Classification
• 1.1 Brief Introduction • 2.4.3 LED TV Market
• 1.2 Glossary • 2.4.4 LED Display
• 1.3 Patent • 2.5 LED Automotive Illumination
• 1.4 Technique P
14T h i Process • 2.5.1 B i f I t d ti
2 5 1 Brief Introduction
• 2.5.2 Developments
• 2. LED Market • 2.5.3 Market
• 2.1 Overview
2 1 O er ie of LED Market • 2.6 Outdoor Displa
2 6 O tdoor Display Panel Market
• 2.2 Medium- and Small-sized LED Backlight Market • 2.6.1 Outdoor LED Display Panel Market
• 2.2.1 Cell Phone Worldwide
• 2.2.2
2 2 2 Digital Camera • 2.6.2 Outdoor LED Display Panel Market in China
p y
• 2.3 LED for Notebook Backlight • 2.6.3 Tulip Mega Media
• 2.3.1 Notebook Market • 2.6.4 Analysis of Olympic LED Projects
• 2.3.2
2 3 2 Notebook Industry • 2.6.5 Analysis of LED for Shanghai Expo
y g p
• 2.3.3 Intro to Notebook Backlight LED • 2.6.6 Beijing Leyard
• 2.3.3 Notebook LED Backlight Market • 2.6.7 Shanghai Sansi Technology
• 2.4
2 4 LED for LCD TV and LCD Backlight • 2.7 LED Street Lamp
• 2.4.1 LED TV Industry Chain • 2.7.1 Cost Comparison between LED Street Lamp
and Traditional Street Lamp
• 2.7.2 Policies for LED Street Lamp Worldwide
p • 3.5
3 5 LED Industry Downstream - Packaging
• 2.7.3 LED Street Lamp Market Worldwide • 3.6 Regional Layout of LED Industry
• 2.7.4 LED Street Lamp Market in China • 3.7 LED Industry in Taiwan (China)
• 2.7.5 “Ten Thousand LED Lights in Ten Cities” • 3.8
3 8 LED Industry in China
• 2.7.6 Progress of the “Ten Thousand LED Lights in
• 4. LED Vendors
Ten Cities” Project
• 2.7.7
2 7 7 LED CITY P j t
• 2.7.8 Solar LED Street Lamp
• 2.8 General (Universal) Illumination
• 4.4 ARIMA
• 2.9
2 9 LED Traffic Lights
• 4.5 FOREPI
• 4.6 BRTLED
• 3. LED Industry
• 3.1
3 1 Profile of LED Industry Chain
• 3.2 LED Substrate
• 3.2.1 Sapphire Glass Substrate
• 3.2.2
3 2 2 Sapphire Glass Substrate Market
• 4.11 HUGA
• 3.2.3 Sapphire Substrate Industry
• 4.12 CREE
• 3.2.4 Rubicon
• 3.3
3 3 MOCVD Industry
• 4.14 NICHIA
• 3.4 LED Industry Midstream - Epitaxy
• 4.15 OSRAM • 4.35
• 4.17 STANLEY • 4.37 NEO-NEON
• 4.20 SANAN OPTO • 5. MOCVD Vendors
• 4.22 FANGDA • 5.2 VEECO
• 4.24 LITEON
• 4.25 CITIZEN
• 4.31 LEXTAR
• 4.32 TYNTEK
• 4.33 EDISON
Selected Charts
• LED Categories
• LED Patent Distribution
• Price of Notebook SMD LED, 2008-2011
• Price of LED for TV, 2008-2011
• Price of LED for General Lighting, 2008-2011
• Market Shares of Global Cell Phone Display Manufacturers by Shipment 2009
• Market Shares of Global Cell Phone Display Manufacturers by Sales, 2009
• Global Cell Phone, Digital Camera, Handheld GPS Navigator and PMP Shipment,
• Global Cell Phone Shipment 2007-2012E
Shipment, 2007 2012E
• Global Cell Phone Shipment, Q1 2007 - Q1 2010
• Market Shares of Major Cell Phone Manufacturers, Q1 2010
• LED Demand of Cell Phone, 2006-2010
• Digital C
Di it l Camera Shipment, 2004 2011E
Shi t 2004-2011E
• Market Shares of Major Digital Camera Manufacturers by Sales Volume, 2009
• Market Shares of Major Digital Camera Display Suppliers by Sales Value, 2008
• Netbook Shipment, 2007-2013E
• Market Shares of Global Major Notebook OEMs, 2006
• Shipment of Global Major Notebook OEMs by Brand, 2007
• Market Shares of Global Major Notebook OEMs, 2008
• Global Notebook LED Backlight Penetration Rate, 2007-2013E
• Market Shares of Global Notebook Backlight Module Manufacturers, 2010
• Market Shares of Global LED-TV Epitaxy Manufacturers, 2010-2011E
• LED TV Penetration Rate, 2008-2012E
• Proportion of LED Backlight of Major FPTV Manufacturers
• Market Shares of Global Major FPTV Manufacturers, 2009
• Market Shares of LCD-TV Manufacturers in China by Sales Volume, Jan. 2009 & Jan.
• Market Shares of LCD-TV Manufacturers in China by Sales Value Jan 2009 & Jan
Value, Jan. Jan.
• Distribution of Manufacturers by Quantity of LED Display Models Launched, H1 2010
• Distribution of LED Displays by Size, H1 2010
• Share of LED Display 2008-2012E
• PRIUS LED Auto Lamp
• LED Auto Lamp Roadmap of SKOITO
• Cost and Illumination of Five Auto Light Sources, 2007-2014F
• LED Auto Lighting M k t S l 2008 2015E
A t Li hti Market Scale, 2008-2015E
• Global Outdoor LED Display Board Market, 2007-2012E
• Market Shares of Outdoor LED Advertising Agencies, 2009
• China Outdoor LED Display Board Market
• China Outdoor LED Display Industry Chain
• Major Partners of TULIP MEGA MEDIA
• Distribution of TULIP MEGA MEDIA in China
• Global LED Street Lamp Market Scale, 2008-2013E
• Global LED General Lighting Market Scale, 2008-2013E
• LED Bulb Sales Volume of Japan, 2009-2015E
• LED Sapphire Substrate Market Distribution by Size, 2005-2012
• Geographical Distribution of GaN LED Sapphire Substrate Downstream Market 2008
• Market Shares of Major LED Sapphire Substrate Manufacturers, 2010
• Global MOCVD Equipment Market and Market Shares of Major Manufacturers, 1998-
• Distribution of LED Output Value by Region, 20008-2013
• LED Output Value of Taiwan, 2006-2013
• LED Epitaxy Shipment of Taiwan by Color, 2009
• LED Packaging Shipment of Taiwan by Technology 2009
• Relationship among LED Enterprises in Taiwan
• Market Shares of Major LED Epitaxy Manufacturers, 2009
• Market Shares of Major LED Packaging Manufacturers in Taiwan, 2009
• China
Chi LED I d t O t t Value Di t ib ti
Industry Output V l Distribution, 2009
• Organization of EVERLIGHT
• Revenue and Operating Margin of EVERLIGHT, 2002-2010
• Product Structure of EVERLIGHT by Revenue, 2008-2010
• Product Structure of EVERLIGHT by Downstream Application, 2005-2010
• Revenue and Operating Margin of EPISTAR, 2000-2010E
• Revenue and Gross Margin of EPISTAR, Q2 2009 – Q1 2011
• Revenue of EPISTAR by Product, Q1 2008 – Q4 2009
y ,
• Product Distribution of EPISTAR by Downstream Application, 2010
• Operating Income and Gross Margin of GENESIS, 2003-2010
• Roadmap of GENESIS
• Revenue and Gross Margin of ARIMA 2002-2009
• Revenue of ARIMA by Product, 2006-2009
• Revenue and Operating Margin of FOREPI, 2002-2010E
• Revenue of FOREPI by Product, Q1 2008 – Q4 2009
• Revenue and O
R d Operating M i of BRTLED 2002-2010E
ti Margin f BRTLED, 2002 2010E
• Revenue of BRTLED by Product, 2008-Q1 2010
• Revenue and Gross Margin of OPTOTECH, 2004-2010E
• Revenue of OPTOTECH by Product 2008 2010
Product, 2008-2010
• Revenue and Operating Margin of HARVATEK, 2000-2010
• Product Distribution of HARVATEK by Downstream Application, Q1 2010-Q4 2011
• Revenue and Gross Margin of TEKCORE, 2005-2010E
• High Ill i ti
Hi h Illumination LED Capacity of TEKCORE, Q1 2009 – Q4 2010E
• Revenue and Operating Margin of UNITYOPTO, 2004-2010E
• Revenue and Operating Profit of HUGA, 2004-2010
• Revenue and Monthly Growth Margin of HUGA, Jan. 2008 – May 2010
• Revenue and Operating Margin of CREE, FY2004-FY2010
• Global Presence of CREE
• Revenue of TOYOTA GOSEI by Product, FY2009
• Revenue and Operating Margin of TOYOTA GOSEI, FY2005-FY2010
p g g ,
• Revenue of TOYOTA GOSEI LED by Product, FY2005-FY2011
• Revenue and Operating Profit of NICHIA's LED Division, FY2004-FY2010
• Revenue and Operating Margin of OSRAM, FY2004-FY2008
• Revenue of OSRAM by Region FY2008
• Revenue of OSRAM by Product, FY2008
• Geographical Distribution of OSRAM Employment, FY2008
• Revenue of PHILIPS (LUMILEDS) by Region, 2004-2008
f (LUMILEDS), FY2004-FY2008
• Revenue of PHILIPS (LUMILEDS) by Product, FY2009
• Revenue and Operating Margin of Stanley, FY2004-FY2010
• Revenue and Operating Margin of Stanley’s Auto Lighting Division, FY2005-FY2010
• Revenue and Operating Margin of Stanley’s Electric Lighting Division, FY2005-
• Core Competitiveness of SEOUL SEMICON
• Code of Conduct of SEOUL SEMICON
• Products of SEOUL SEMICON
• Revenue and Operating Margin of SEOUL SEMICON, 2003-2011
• Product Structure of SEOUL SEMICON by Downstream Application, Q1 2009 – Q4
• Global Presence of SEOUL SEMICON
• Vertical Integration of SEOUL SEMICON
• Downstream Application Distribution of SEOUL SEMICON in1999, 2002, 2005, 2008
& 2009
• Revenue and Operating Margin of SILAN, 2003-2010
• Revenue and Gross Margin of SANAN OPTO, 2005-2010
• GaN Epitaxy Cost Structure of SANAN OPTO
• GaAs Epitaxy C t Structure of SANAN OPTO
G A E it Cost St t f
• Downstream Application of SANAN OPTO Products
• LED Operating Income of Samsung Electro-Mechanics by Application, 2005-2009
• Revenue and Operating Margin of CITIZEN, 2005-2010
• Revenue Structure of CITIZEN by Product, FY2005-FY2010
• Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of AXT, 2004-2010
• Revenue Structure of AXT by Product, 2006-2009
• Revenue Structure of AXT by Region, 2006-2009
y g
• Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of TYNTEK, 2004-2010
• Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of EDISON, 2006-2010
• Output Capacity of LG INNOTEK, 2010Q1-2011Q4
• Turnover and Gross Margin of NEO-NEON 2005-2009
• Revenue of NEO-NEON by Product, 2005-2009
• Revenue of NEO-NEON by Region, 2008 vs. 2009
• Order Size of AIXTRON, Q2 2008- Q1 2010
• Revenue of AIXTRON, 2003 2010
AIXTRON 2003-2010
• Revenue of AIXTRON by Application, 1998-2010Q1
• Global Presence of AIXTRON
• Employees of AXITRON, 2003-2008
• Revenue of AIXTRON b R i
R f by Region, 2007 2010Q1
• Revenue and Operating Profit of VEECO, 2004-2008
• Revenue of VEECO by Product, 2006-2010Q1
• Selling Price of Typical LEDs, 2010
• Digital Camera OEM Relationship and Shipment of Main Manufacturers, 2008-2010
• LED-TV Industry Chain of Samsung and LG
• Specifications of LED Street Lamp
• Cost Structure of 30-150 Watt Street Lampp
• Key Players in the Links of LED Industry Chain
• MOCVD Equipment Shipment, 2007-2012
• Equipment Quantity of Major LED Epitaxy Manufacturers, 2010
• Equipment Quantity and Capacity of Epitary Manufacturers in Taiwan 2008 2009
Taiwan, 2008-2009
• Revenue of 21 LED Upstream Enterprises Worldwide, 2008-2009
• Operating Margin of Nine LED Epitary Manufacturers Worldwide, 2008-2010E
• Revenue of Seven LED Downstream Manufacturers Worldwide, 2008-2010E
• Ranking f Taiwan’s E it
R ki of T i ’ Epitary M
Manufacturers by Revenue, J
f t b R Jan.-May 2010
• Ranking of China’s LED Epitary Manufacturers by Revenue, 2009
• Auto Products of LED LENSER
• Financial Data of OSRAM China, 2004-2007
• Revenue of Lumileds, 2005-2010
• Financial Data of Philips Automotive Lighting Hubei Company, 2004-2007
• Revenue of Stanley by Region, FY2008-FY2009
• Operating Profit of Stanley by Region FY2008 FY2009
Region, FY2008-FY2009
• Financial Data of Tianjin Stanley, 2004-2007
• Financial Data of Guangzhou Stanley, 2004-2007
• Financial Data of Shenzhen Stanley, 2004-2007
• Financial D t of S h St l
Fi i l Data f Suzhou Stanley, 2004 2007
• MOCVD Equipment Quantity of SANAN OPTO
• Output Capacity Arrangements of SANAN OPTO, 2008-2011
• Photoelectric Product Revenue of CITIZEN, FY2004-FY2008
• Income Statement of NATIONSTAR, 2007-2009
• Financial Situation of NEO-NEON, 2005-2009
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