• Single Loop Controller

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    • Abstract: Single Loop ControllerYS1000 SeriesSingle Loop ControllerBulletin 01B08A01-01Ewww.ys1700.com Easy to use

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Single Loop Controller
YS1000 Series
Single Loop Controller
Bulletin 01B08A01-01E
Easy to use
Color LCD display with a wide variety of
Designed with a lightweight, compact case.
Programs using text language or graphical
High reliability
Dual CPU’s
Built-in “hard manual”
CE and FM Class I Div II approvals
Powerful and Flexible*
Ethernet ready (MODBUS TCP)
Supports MODBUS RTU serial
Available peer to peer and DCS
communication options
A YS beyond .... Extended I/O option available
Easy upgrade for YS100
Compatible with 72 i 144mm cutout Replacement housings for YS100 and YS80
Excellent replacement for obsolete
competitive controllers
The new YS1000 series of single-loop controllers is the
IP54 successor to the Yokogawa YS100 and YS80 single loop
controllers. The YS1000 series offers improved
connectivity with supervisory systems and incorporates
* Some of functions are available as optional features or
available to a specific model. Please see model and suffix
codes for ordering information.
new, enhanced features that help operators work more
efficiently. The YS1000 will work efficiently in
petrochemical, chemical, power, pulp and paper, boiler
and combustion control applications.
Envision a plant...
YS1000™Series is a core building block of Yokogawa's
VigilantPlant solutions that promise to bring operational
2 3
Easy to use Functions that support process operations
Color LCD that’s easy to see and easier to use.
Meter display NEW Event Display NEW TREND Display NEW ALARM Display
Digital values displayed side-by-side Displays when events are occurring. Your selection of up to 4 analog inputs Color LCD alarm display makes it easy
with an intuitive analog meter makes messages can be displayed in English, or outputs can be displayed as trends. to identify and review alarm activity.
the YS1000 the perfect replacement for Chinese, Japanese and other
YS80 or obsolete “moving coil” controllers. languages.
Single-loop controller
LOOP Display DUAL Display Features a half-reflecting LCD
Loops color-coded for easy identification Ideal for 2-element control such as
cascade or selector control Maintains good visibility, even on panels subject to direct morning and evening
Under indoor fluorescent lighting Exposure to Sunlight
Note: Avoid constant exposure to sunlight as this can shorten
the lifespan of the LCD display.
Designed with a lightweight, compact case
YS1000 250mm, 1.6kg Provides for greater freedom of
YS1000 instrumentation design
YS100 320mm, 3.4kg Compact, lightweight design allows the use of
smaller and less expensive panel. Moreover, it
YS100 allows attachment to doors which was previously
YS80 480mm, 6kg difficult.
Reduction of engineering costs
YS1000 Configuration and Programming Software
Your Choice of Programming Style: Graphical or Text Based
New Graphic Programming Tool NEW Original Text Based Programming atibl
C omp
Backwards compatible SLPC
g fun with existing programs.
nitorin Conversion software for Backwards compatible
e mo with existing programs.
odul existing YS170 user
on-line m programs is available(*). Conversion tool for
importing programs
Supp city from YS80 SLPC ROM
capa locks
is available(*).
Pr ogra 400B
p orts capa
city .
Sup s
ram 00 step70.
Prog 10 us YS1
orts e previo
Suppimes of th
.5 t
Programming is easier with our intuitive function block programming. Backwards compatible with existing YS170 users programs.
The online module monitoring function allows you to confirm the Increased programming capacity allows you to create more
performance while programming. sophisitated control schemes.
Three connection modes NEW Full set of computation functions NEW
Connection modes: USB, Ethernet or ·Supports parameter setting for all YS1000 models
RS485 Ethernet
·Support for YS1700 custom programming.
When connecting via RS485 or communications - Calculations done using Engineering units and Floating point
Ethernet, a communication option is math.
required on the main unit.
- Includes over one-hundred computation modules for exponents,
logarithms, temperature/pressure correction, and other operations.
Configuration and Dedicated - Function blocks (sub-programs) can be saved and reused.*
Programming Software USB cable
Password protection function NEW Calibration tool* NEW
Passwords can be assigned to user programs to prevent Following the YSS1000’s online calibration instructions makes
unauthorized access to proprietary programs. calibration easy. Calibration records and data can be saved on the
A password on the main unit prevents unexpected changes in the YS1000, allowing you to load or print past calibration data as
engineering parameters. needed.
*: under development. Inquire for release/shipping dates.
High reliability Improved process up time
Control output backup function N Battery free memory backup NEW
The control output backup function comes standard with YS1000 Nonvolatile memory is used for memory backup. Service life is
series controllers (YS1700 and YS1500) and the Manual Station for improved because no batteries, backup capacitors, or other
MV Setting (YS1360). components are used.
Dual CPU
Improved basic control performance NE
Display CPU's process
at normal condition The YS1000 series achieves higher performance than previous
Main CPU's process
at normal condition models (YS100 series).
Back-up process at fail ·I/O accuracy
Voltage input accuracy: ±0.2% ➞ ±0.1%
Voltage output accuracy: ±0.3% ➞ ±0.1%
Display Current output accuracy: ±1.0% ➞ ±0.2%
·Internal data resolution of the I/O signal: 1/1000 ➞ 1/10000
·Internal computation resolution of PID and other computations:
Key Control MV 1/4096 ➞ 1/65536
operation Circuit
D/A Output
converter Circuit MV
MV operation
AC/DC power supply resists powerline fluctuations. Compa
PV converter Hard
The AC/DC (100V/24V) power supply powers the instrument to
provide consistent performance.Also accepts DC power regardless
With dual-CPU construction (main CPU and display CPU), manual of polarity (specify 220 V power supply when ordering).
control capability and display continues even if an abnormality
occurs on one of the CPUs. If controller self-diagnostics detects a
control circuit failure, the controller can suspend analog/digital
output, switch to manual mode and allow manual control by operator.
Controller online replacement function le
(portable manual station) Com
Failure area All CPU and
Main CPU fail Display CPU fail
Control Circuit
Use the YS110 portable manual station when exchanging or
performing maintenance on a controller. You can switch to the
Control with “Hard manual” ✓ ✓ ✓
spare controller without interrupting the control output.
Manual operation with front keys ✓ ✓ N/A
Display for PV and SV ✓ ✓ N/A
Control algorithm stop stop stop
Manual operation —“Hard manual”
Front Panel
Hard manual comes standard with the YS1700, YS1500
Controller YS110
YS1700, YS1500, and YS1360. Portable manual station
Manual operation is possible even if all CPUs
and control circuits are in a fail state.
Front panel conforms to
the IP54 waterproof standard NEW
Hard manual operation wheel
Independent manual override is built into the control circuits,
ensuring that control output can continue even when a control circuit
including the CPU experiences a problem.
Powerful and Flexible System connectivity functions
Ethernet support N Expandable I/O N
The instrument can be easily connected to DAQWORX, DAQSTATION, Additional I/O can be added by selecting the YS1700 basic model
general-purpose SCADA, and OPC servers via Ethernet (Modbus/TCP). (with Expandable I/O). The total number of input/outputs points with
the main unit and Expandable I/O are 8 analog inputs, 4 analog
Ethernet (Modbus/TCP) Ethernet (Modbus/TCP) outputs, and 14 DI/DO.
• External AI: 3 inputs
• External AO: 1 outputs
• External DI: 4 points
• External DO: 4 points
DX1000/DX2000 Note: An interface for the additional Expandable I/O cannot be added after delivery. If there
is a possibility that extra input/outputs will be needed, we recommend that you start with
the basic model (with expansion I/O).
Ethernet : Available to the YS1000 basic type.
Modbus/TCP server function (one connection).
NEW atibl
Communication with PLC Communication with CENTUM C omp
Connections are enabled using the FA-M3’s UT link module and the As with previous models, communication with Yokogawa’s DCS
RS485 communication function. No programming is necessary to (CENTUM) is supported. This is ideal for DCS backup in chemical
exchange data between the instrument and the FA-M3. plants and other applications requiring extreamly high reliability.
Applicable Models: YS1700, YS1500, YS1350, and YS1360
(CS1000/3000) HIS Please specify the communication
Control bus
options /A31 (RS-485
communication) to directly
Modbus FCS communicate with the CENTUM, or
ALR121 /A32 (DCS-LCS communication) to
RS485 FCU communicate with the CENTUM
through the SCIU.
YS1700 YS1700 YS1700
Note: Direct communication
The YS1000 can also be connected to PLCs of various with CENTUM.
YS1700 YS1500 YS1350 YS1360
manufacturers via the Modbus communication protocol.
Peer-to-peer communication function N A sample of System Construction
With peer-to-peer communication, up to 32 YS1700 can be
connected interchangeably. Four of the connected instruments can
each output 4 points of analog data and 16 points of status data. Inter-lock system
This makes data exchange and I/O sharing possible since all
Upper system
instruments under peer-to-peer communications can read all data
(16 analog and 64 status data).
Field instruments
This is optimal for multi-loop control as YS1310
such with boiler instrumentation.
I/O sharing Data sharing RS485
Note: Does not support the YS100 series peer-to-peer communication network (YS-net). YS1500
Maximum no. of connections : 32
No. of receiving units : 32
No. of transmitting units :4
Transmitted data : 4 analog and 16 status data per transmitting YS1700 YS1360
Communication interval : 200 ms average
(not synchronized to the control computation interval) Field wiring Signal in the panel Communication
Compatibility Total cost reduction
Cases and housing for replacing old models Co mpa
Indispensable for lasting, stable operations at the plant when instruments without modifying existing instrumentation panels.
replacing instrumentation. Case and housing are available for Moreover, front panel design with analog-like meters lets you
replacement of older-model SLCs by Yokogawa Electric Corp. (the update to new instruments without losing the familiarity of the old
EBS, I, EK, and HOMAC series) allowing you to exchange interface.
I,EBS*2 100line*2
YS80*1 EK*2
YS100*1 YS80*
compatible type
internal unit
Case Housing Case Housing Housing Housing YS80 YS1000
*1: Compatibility is established by inserting the YS1000’s internal circuitry of the appropriate compatible type into the existing case.
*2: Compatibility is established by inserting the entire YS1000 unit of the appropriate compatible type into the existing controller housing. Order the housing separately as needed.
e e
atibl atibl
Self-tuning (STC) C omp Setpoint filter (SVF) C omp
Simplifies tuning when starting up or changing the process unit Can optimize tracking with changes in set-points. Also can maintain
under control. optimum responsiveness to disturbances.
Before STC After STC Before STC
100 100 100
P = 89%
I = 14sec.
P = 80%
I = 20sec.
P = 160%
I = 20sec.
At disturbance At set-point change
D = 2sec. D = 0sec. D = 0sec.
80 SFA = 0.465
80 SFA = 1.0
80 SFA = 1.0
PV without SVF
Set-point change
60 60 60
40 40 40 SV
20 20 20
PV with SVF
0 0 0
0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 optimum responsiveness to disturbances. optimize tracking with changes in set-points
Time (min.) Time (min.) Time (min.)
SFA : SVF Parameter
e e
atibl atibl
Flexible DI/DO C omp Direct input function* C omp
The YS1700/YS1500’s six DI/DO terminals can be used for both An optional signal conversion function can be added for 1 channel.
input and output. Current, voltage pulse, thermocouples, RTDs, mV and
potentiometers signals from differential pressure gauges,
atibl manometers, and flow meters can be connected directly to the
Programmable function key Comp controller. The direct input employs highly noise resistant, isolated
With a user program, the program
function key (PF key) on the
instrument’s front panel can be used mV
as an ON/OFF switch for self-tuning, TAGTAGTAG
or as a Start button for sequence LOOP1

Use: 0.1523