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    • Abstract: Welcome toExplorer ScoutinginStroud and Tetbury Hi. Welcome to Explorer Scouts. In this booklet you should find all theinformation you need to get started in Explorers and go on to make themost of your time in the fourth section of the Scouting family.

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Welcome to
Explorer Scouting
Stroud and Tetbury
Hi. Welcome to Explorer Scouts. In this booklet you should find all the
information you need to get started in Explorers and go on to make the
most of your time in the fourth section of the Scouting family.
Firstly a bit of history. Explorers is for young people
aged 13½ to 18½ and evolved from the Venture
Units that had existed previously. For a great many
people, the time spent in this section was their most
memorable and rewarding time in Scouting.
During Explorers you will have time to develop new
skills, attempt new activities, go places and do things
that you would never have had the opportunity to any
other way. Whilst doing this, you will also progress
towards gaining your Chief Scout’s Platinum and
Chief Scout’s Diamond Awards and the Duke of
Edinburgh’s Bronze and Silver Awards. Once these are completed, you
can begin working for your Queen’s Scout Award and the Duke of
Edinburgh’s Gold Award.
How Explorers works
Explorer are not part of a single unit, nor do Explorer units belong to a
group, instead they are a district-wide section and Explorers can
choose which unit or units they attend and when.
A District Explorer Programme is published each term to show what
activities all the units will be doing and how you can join in.
What can you expect from Explorers?
Explorers is the section where you are recognised as a young adult and
as such are expected to take on more responsibility, have input into the
unit, be independent and begin making your own decisions.
In return, you will be an important part of the most adventurous, exciting
and rewarding part of Scouting’s youth
sections; you will make lifetime
friendships, push yourself more than ever
before and give something back to your
community. Your time in Explorers will be
challenging, but immensely enjoyable and
an experience that will shape your life as
an adult.
Explorers in Stroud and Tetbury District
The Units:
There are currently 5 Explorer Units in Stroud and Tetbury District and
the Young Leaders Unit. These are:
Longtree ESU
Meeting on a Monday night at Amberley Scout hut, Longtree ESU is an
active unit based around traditional Scouting skills and the outdoor life.
Badbrook ESU
Badbrook meet on a Wednesday night in their own Den in Stroud and
run a programme based around traditional Scouting values, new skills
and challenges.
Farriers ESU
Meeting at Leonard Stanley on a Wednesday night, Farriers ESU is a
vibrant unit that places emphasis on the achievement of badgework
whilst having fun at the same time.
St Jo’s ESU
St Jo’s meet at St Rose’s School in Stroud on a Thursday and is for
students of the school. However they take an active part in District
events alongside the other units.
Chalford Rams ESU
Thursday evenings finds Chalford
Rams ESU meeting at Eastcombe.
This is the newest unit in the District
and runs an active and progressive
programme building on the skills
learnt in Scouts.
Young Leader Unit
This is a special unit run for the Young
Leaders in the District, enabling them to meet other Young Leaders.
Meetings are less regular and focus on providing the correct training.
However social activities are also organised.
Typical Unit programme
Below is a typical Explorer unit programme.
All the activities below and much more have
been carried out by units across the District
recently. Besides the examples below, you
will have opportunity to take part in County
courses and activities (e.g. caving, learning to
fly and survival skills).
Week 1 Welcome back, programme and award review
Week 2 Swimming (for awards and staged badges)
Weekend Work Party at HQ
Week 3 Orienteering Treasure Hunt
Weekend Rock Climbing Course
Week 4 District Inter-unit wide game
Week 5 The Fire Challenge
Weekend Mid-term Camp (all units)
Week 6 Visit Out (Full uniform)
Week 7 Link Event - Scouts
Weekend Ice Skating disco
Week 8 Visitor In
Week 9 Blind Drop
Weekend Overnight Hike
Week 10 Human Catapults
How the units run
Explorer Scouts have a much greater say in their programme than the
younger sections. In Explorers you are able and should not be afraid to
comment directly to your leaders what you wish to include in the
programme and what you think of the activities you are doing.
In fact there are Explorer Scout Forums and representatives to air your
views on everything to do with Explorers both in the county and down to
individual districts and groups.
Stroud and Tetbury District is still different from the rest though. As you
become a member of a unit, you will realise that they are the ones who
organise the weekly programme for
you. There may also be unit specific
weekend events that you can take
part in.
However, there is also a District
Explorer Events Committee who are
responsible for the organisation of a
programme of events, camps and
activities for all Explorers across the
District. This can take the shape of a
social trip, training for an expedition
or a summer camp to the mountains
or a jamboree. These events bring
Explorers from across the District
together to achieve bigger and better things than they could in their unit
alone. You are not expected to attend these events and Explorers still
have the opportunity to have their say in what events go ahead.
All in all, we are sure you will find an activity that interests you in the
programme and also have the chance to try some activities that you
would not have had the chance to try before.
The Awards
Much like Scouts you can gauge your time in Explorers by the
achievement of various awards. The Explorer units all focus on the
achievement of the Chief Scout’s Platinum and Gold awards and also
the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze and Silver awards. In fact criteria for
the two awards are so similar it is like getting ‘two for the price of one!’
However as you are now of Explorer age, the onus is on you to show
everyone what you can achieve. You will need to push yourself harder
than before and show more independence. The leaders are there to
help, but cannot get the awards for you!
Chief Scout’s Platinum Award Chief Scout’s Diamond Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Certain times and criteria vary for the different awards, but to gain the
awards you need to typically complete the following:
? number of nights away including under canvas.
A certain
Show commitment and improvement in a skill for at least three
? service to the community for at least three months.
Provide a
Show commitment and improvement in a physical activity for at least
three months.
? in an open country expedition.
Take part
Plus any two activities from a list that can be found in your Explorer
Scout Record Book, that will be given to you upon investiture.
Young Leaders
Explorer Scouts can also become Young
Leaders to help with the activities and meetings
in younger sections. Young Leaders do not
have to belong to an Explorer Unit, but they are
more than welcome to attend any unit activity
and we actively encourage Young Leaders to
continue their Scouting through being part of an
Explorer unit.
In order to
help Young Leaders gain the skills
they need to help with young sections
there are a series of young leader
training modules. The first one of
these (Module A) must be completed
by all Young Leaders within three
months of them commencing to help
in a section. All the other modules are
optional. However, Young Leaders
who are helping with another section
as part of the service section of one of the Chief Scout's Awards or the
Queen's Scout Award will need to complete some of the additional
modules are part of the training element of the award requirement.
From time to time the District also runs activities or social events for
Young Leaders so that they can meet up with other Young Leaders
share ideas and experiences of
helping in a younger section
and, we hope, have some fun
as well.
All Young Leaders must be
registered with the District's
Young Leader co-ordinator,
Kevin Brewer. Just see your
leader for details or contact
Kevin directly via the details on
the last page.
How do I join?
To join in the activities with any of the units, feel free to turn up on the
given evening, but as the unit may be meeting elsewhere or at a
different time to normal, it is a good idea to contact the leader
Longtree ESU, Mon 7 - 9pm, Amberley Scout Hut
Contact Rob: 07813 774372 - [email protected]
Badbrook ESU, Wed 7.30-9.30pm, Explorer Den, Hollow Lane, Stroud
Contact Chris: 07974 403218 - [email protected]
Farriers ESU, Wed 7.30-9.30pm, Leonard Stanley Scout Hut
Contact John: 07971 049743 - [email protected]
St Jo’s ESU, Thurs 4 -6pm, St Rose’s School, Stroud
Contact Marina: 07817 286603 - [email protected]
Chalford Rams ESU, Thurs 7.30 - 9.30, Eastcombe Scout Hut
Contact Adele: 07970 041354 - [email protected]
Young Leader Unit
Contact Kevin: 07790 806787 - [email protected]
If you have any other questions about Explorers please contact the
District Explorer Scout Commissioner Neil Edwards: 07916 326505 -
Into the future...
Your Scouting experiences do not need to stop when you reach 18.
Besides being ready to take on a leadership role if you so wish, there is
the Scout Network. Joining Network allows you
to complete your Queen’s Scout Award and
Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award as well as
continuing to participate in regular activities and
helping to run events for other sections.
Members of Scout Network are aged from 18 to
25 years and are often involved in other
sections besides Network. Talk to your leader
for more details.

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