• Edition 6, 2010

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    • Abstract: Edition 6, 2010Our Mission is to celebrate, promote, and provide June/Julyeducation in relation to visual, written and spokenliteracy in picture books, children’s and young people’s

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Edition 6, 2010
Our Mission is to celebrate, promote, and provide June/July
education in relation to visual, written and spoken
literacy in picture books, children’s and young people’s
novels, poetry and other genres. Inside this issue:
President’s Report 1
As this is the second newsletter for the year, it Library on 1st June in the boardroom of Clay-
means we are halfway through 2010. One won- ton Utz Lawyers. This library was first estab-
ders where the last six months have gone but lished in Sydney, followed by Melbourne and Welcome to New Mem- 3
looking back through my diary, the days and now in Brisbane www.footpathlibrary.org bers
weeks have been dotted with meetings which New books are donated, shelved for free in
present opportunities to promote Book Links to Member Achievements
storage facilities, packed in containers by 3
the uninformed. volunteers on a regular basis and delivered
What’s Happening with
Our partnership in A State of Writing has allowed free by a courier company to the homeless, …
Book Links to access a much broader audience. hostels and shelters. It was heartwarming to The Travelling 4
The mere presence of the group in the Qld Writ- listen to the stories told and has inspired us Suitcases
ers Centre area of the State Library has given us a to hold a book drive later in the year to help
higher profile. We have been represented at all this worthwhile organization. Watch this Undercover Stories
of the State of Writing lunch meetings which cli- space!
Special Events…
maxed on 9th June with the official signing of the Our Travelling Suitcase project has not pro-
ASW Guiding Principles and the launch of the gressed at all. There has been no word from The National Curriculum 5
interactive website. Jenny Sharp has been the the Gambling Community Benefit Fund yet
driving force behind this and after some frustrat- and the outcome of the Arts Qld application Queensland Day 5
ing moments has managed to upload Book Links won’t be known until the end of August. If
profile and some news items. Check out the web- Thank you to our
these applications are not successful we will 6
site www.astateofwriting.org.au . It is still early sponsors
have to look to private enterprise. So much
days but as each partner becomes more familiar work and commitment has been put into this 6
Request to members
with the site it will become the vibrant heart of project, letting it go is not an option.
the writing and reading community of Queen- Links 6
sland. So far there are 19 organizations who have Our annual Book Gig at the Brisbane Writers
joined and there are more to sign up. We would Festival will be performed by drama students
like our members to send any comments or items from Indooroopilly State High School in Sep-
of interest to Jenny Sharp (newsletter editor and tember. The book chosen is Mosquito Adver-
ASW website manager) dustjack- tising:The Parfizz Pitch by Brisbane author
[email protected] as she is constantly want- Kate Hunter. This is the first novel for Kate
ing currents news. This website is managed by and features 5 adventurous and proactive
SLQ so it provides an opportunity to freely publi- teenagers who set out to prevent the local
cize our activities and those of our members to soft drink factory being swallowed up by a
the world. corporate giant.
Because of this partnership we were invited to Thanks to the marketing prowess of Narelle
the launch of the Benjamin Andrew Footpath Oliver and Jenny Sharp, Book Links will soon
have its own banner, brochure and business
cards to help publicize our activities. This is in addition to the ASW banner which we are able to borrow for any events. The ASW
banner was displayed at the Book Links stand at Government House on Queensland Day and was a topic of conversation. It will be
displayed again at the Brisbane Catholic Education Teacher Librarian Professional Development Day in July and no doubt will again
raise lots of questions.
As president of Book Links I am very proud of what we have achieved in the last four years. This is due to the dedication and com-
mitment of our talented members and I encourage all of you to become actively involved in this great organization. Everyone has
something to offer so why not bring your talents to one of our relaxed meetings in the future?
The A State Of Writing Banner at Qld Day. Bernadette Franzoni, Book Resource
Manager speaking with Beth at the opening of the Benjamin
Andrew Footpath Library in Brisbane.
Sarah Garnett, the driving force behind the Footpath Library. Louise speaking with a volunteer at the opening.
Jenny, Narelle and Peter with Chris Cheng who popped in to say hello and talk about children’s
literacy and his visit to Singapore at the last Book Links meeting.
Welcome to New Members:
Book Links welcomes Sheryl Gwyther as its newest member. More information about Sheryl can be
found at http://sherylgwyther.wordpress.com
Member Achievements:
Congratulations to Sheryl also on the publication of her newest book which has just been released
with Blake Publishing. It's called Princess Clown and is a full-colour illustrated chapter book, suitable
for 7-8 year olds. It's one of Blake's Gigglers Blue series for 2010 and I think kids will love reading this
book as it snaps along with humour and with its theme of follow your dream whatever the odds -
although for Princess Belle, this passion almost ends in disaster. The illustrations are by Sian Naylor.
Also congratulations to Pamela Rushby whose young adult novel, When the Hipchicks Went to
War (Hachette 2009) has been awarded the Ethel Turner Prize for young people's literature in
the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards 2010.
The book is about young women who went to Vietnam as entertainers during the Vietnam
War. Some of them were only sixteen years old ...
The book began as a prize-winning short story in the One Book Many Brisbanes short story
competition and was then developed into a novel. Research was undertaken at the Australian
War Memorial resource centre in Canberra, with the assistance of a May Gibbs Children's Lit-
erature Trust Creative Time Residency.
Pam also travelled to Vietnam and visited many of the old Australian sites there.
An offer has been received to option the novel for a film.
Dimity’s Chapters Continued:
A couple of weekends ago I did attend all day seminars at the third Gold Coast Literati Festival down at Robina, Gold
Coast. It was an exciting and info packed day with a variety of seminars to suit all budding writers, literary enthusiasts
and people with a fondness for children's lit although several genres were represented. Authors, industry professionals
and illustrators from the elk of Belinda Jeffery, Frances Whiting and Robyn Sheahan-Bright provided a sparkling collec-
tion of antidotes and insightful tips with humility and often great humour; enough to keep this little black duck's flame
to write and succeed still alight.
Richard Newsome's, author of "Billionaire's Curse" and winner of the inaugural Text Prize, advice rang most persistently
in my ears: The most useful tool a writer can have in their tool box is Arse Glue. Just apply then sit down and Write!
Also congratulations go to Dimity who has just had one of her aphorisms about Happiness accepted into the catalogues
of Sydney based company Story Bag. Story Bag are a unique medium combining Ads with the Art of literature. Once
chosen by an advertising company my piece will be feature on such mediums as coffee cups, sandwich bags, wine bags,
enviro bags and the like throughout cafes and other distributors in Sydney. They use short stories, sayings, text, poems
and so on to engage the consumer while selling the product in a similar fashion to Poems on the Underground in Lon-
don and literature bags used in Germany. Although Dimity’s main interest and genre is writing for children, this is an
interesting chance for her to explore yet another avenue for exposure.
What’s Happening With …
The Travelling Suitcases
Book Links has just been notified that the funding application submitted to the
Gambling Fund for the Travelling Suitcases has been unsuccessful. With the sup-
port of the QWC we are now looking at a bigger picture but the concept and the
contents of the suitcase are basically as originally conceived. Once approval for
funding has come through from other avenues, it will be all systems go.
Undercover Stories
Undercover Stories is a DVD which showcases the creative writing and illustrating tech-
niques of five prominent Queensland children's and young adult book creators. It has
been selling steadily across Australia and can still be purchased via the Book Links
website www.booklinks.org.au for $27.50 including postage and handling.
Special Events:
(But don’t forget about the teacher-librarians who are essential for implementing it!)
Queensland Studies Authority invited authors Narelle Oliver and Mark Svendsen to speak at the their flagship 2010 conference
“Shared Vision: An Australian Curriculum P-12”. The conference was attended by approximately 2000 delegates at the Bris-
bane Convention Centre, 28-30 April. (keynote speakers included Dr. Peter Hill, Dr Edward De Bono, and Li Cunxin.)
Narelle was invited to speak for one hour within a five-hour long focus session (attended by about 300 delegates) “Teaching an
Australian English and history curriculum: Primary perspectives” which she shared with Dr Cheryl Sim (Senior Lecturer, School
of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University) and an ACARA curriculum officer who outlined the new curriculum.
Her brief was to address the new literature strand of the national curriculum along the lines of how writers engage readers in a
distinctive personal, cultural, social, and aesthetic experience.
Narelle took this invitation as an opportunity to examine the “literature strand” of the new national curriculum for years 4 – 7
and analyse how the study of written and visual texts of picture books, using some of her own as specific examples, meet the
curriculum objectives in this strand for each year level.
Her address began with a welcoming of the new literature strand, but also a warning : for this strand to be effectively imple-
mented, appropriate government bodies must ensure the presence and training of fully-qualified literature-oriented teacher-
librarians in primary schools. (this was met with a hearty round of applause and cheers by a good number of the 300 dele-
For a summary of the objectives of the literature strand in the new national curriculum for years 4-7 (as summarised by
Narelle) and her ideas on how study of various aspects of her picture books address these objectives please go to Narelle’s
website, www.narelleoliver.com then to “resources”, and then to a downloadable PDF titled “New National Curriculum: Lit-
erature Strand”.
Queensland Day Celebrations
Queensland Day was celebrate on June 6 this year and once again Book Links set up a stall at Government House. Beth, Coralie,
Jenny, Glen, and Michael spent time there and promoted Book Links throughout the day. The State of Writing Banner created
much interest, inviting many questions from passers by.
Thank you to our sponsors
Book Links would like to thank the following sponsors for continued support:
Arts Queensland
Brisbane City Council
Regional Arts Fund
Request to Members
Could all members advise if they would like the Book Links newsletter sent to them either electronically or by post? This
can be done by emailing Jenny at [email protected] and it will be noted on your membership form.
Member Links Other links
James Moloney CBCA Children's Book Council Australia
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Stephen Axelsen ASA Australian Society Authors
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http://sherylgwyther.wordpress.com t.asp?pid=7628
A State of Writing
If any members would like to add their website to Member
Links please email Jenny at www.astateofwriting.org.au
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