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KPCC Program/Issues Report
January - March 2006 Page 1
Date Show Key 1 Brief Description Guest(s) -Reporters Time
01/02/06 AT SCI New survey of NASA’s moon program summarizes each Apollo flight, and attempted flight Rod Pyle 28:00
Basbanes explores what we can learn about some of the most famous figures in history by knowing what they read and profiles some of
01/02/06 AT LIT Nicholas Basbanes 28:00
the most articulate readers of our time.
01/02/06 AT HIST The saga of each of the mountain passes and the importance these gateways played to the history of Southern California. John W. Robinson 28:00
01/02/06 AT LIT Sex expert Annie Sprinkle’s new book explains how to get the most out of sex. Annie Sprinkle 28:00
Marty Kaplan, Bob Sipchen, City
01/03/06 AT POLI The redevelopment project for Bunker Hill is a 16-acre civic park that would stretch from City Hall to the Music Center 20:00
Councilwoman Jan Perry
From 1978 to 80 Battlestar Galactica aired on ABC but failed to find a mainstream audience. Twenty five years later, producers Donald
01/03/06 AT ENT David Eick, Mary McDonnell 20:00
Moore and David Eick teamed up to shoot a new version
Lobbyist Jack Abramoff will plead guilty to federal charges in Washington and Miami, clearing the way for him to cooperate in a massive
01/03/06 AT POLI Gail Chaddock 20:00
government investigation of influence peddling involving members of Congress
A new UCLA imaging study shows a strong relationship between the genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's disease and breakdown of
01/03/06 AT SCI George Bartzokis 20:00
Steve Maviglio, Chuck Poochigian,
01/03/06 AT POLI California’s Democratic lawmakers would like to reverse some of the recent reforms made to the workers compensation law 20:00
Peggy Sugarman
A Kern County initiative petition that would ban the depositing of Southern California’s sludge within its borders, has qualified for a June Dean Florez, Dr. Bob Ghirelli, Omar
01/04/06 AT ENV 28:00
election Moghaddam
01/04/06 AT SAC Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed spending $4.3 billion more for public schools next fiscal year. HD Palmer, Scott Plotkin 28:00
Borzou Daragahi, Reuel Marc
01/04/06 AT POLI Analysts are starting to wonder who will control an independent Iraq? 28:00
Gerecht, Michael E. O'Hanlon
A decorated World War Two and Korean War veteran who was dedicated to helping L-A's Asian communities, Retired Army Colonel
01/04/06 AT DIV Christine Sato 10:00
Young Oak Kim died at age 86 last Thursday of cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
01/04/06 AT MEDI Preview of the Rose Bowl Game Gary Klein, Adolfo Guzman Lopez 28:00
01/05/06 AT POLI Next week starts Senate Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito Kareem Crayton 20:00
Rafael Frankel, Daniel Sokatch, Dr.
01/05/06 AT FOR Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is fighting for his life following seven hours of emergency surgery to stop widespread bleeding in his brain 22:00
Nadev Morag, Dr. Ziad Asali
Sherry Bebitch-Jeffe, Dario
Ted Chen talks with leading California legislators and political analyst Sherry Bebitch-Jeffe about Governor Schwarzenegger’s State-of-
01/05/06 AT ECON Frommer, John Benoit, Rusty 55:00
the-State address.
Hammer, Art Pulaski, Michael Shaw
01/05/06 AT ENT Friday kicks off the 99th annual Los Angeles Auto Show, held in the LA Convention Center Dan Neil, James Bell 28:00
01/05/06 AT SAC Ted Chen talks to experts about key issues to look for in the speech. Dan Weintraub, Bruce Cain 28:00
Coal was once the main power source of industrialized countries. Today, it is still a significant source of electrical power and is key to Barbara Freese, Joe Lucas, Ken
01/05/06 AT ENV 28:00
many industries Green
01/06/06 AT Discuss this week's new releases Andy Klein, Henry Sheehan 40:00
Erwin Chemerinsky, John Eastman,
01/09/06 AT POLI Analysis of Judge Alito Supreme Court Hearings 120:00
Neil Siegel, Noah Feldman
01/10/06 AT POLI Analysis of Judge Alito Supreme Court Hearings Douglas Kmiec, Neil Siegel 55:00
01/10/06 AT ECON Primer of Gov new California budget Evan Halper 15:00
01/11/06 AT POLI Analysis of Judge Alito Supreme Court Hearings John Eastman, Kareem Crayton 30:00
01/11/06 AT ECON Analysis of Gov's new California budget H.D. Palmer, Jean Ross 28:00
01/12/06 AT POLI Analysis of Judge Alito Supreme Court Hearings Vik Amar, Douglas Kmiec, 40:00
Jef VanderBorght, Juan Rodriguez,
01/12/06 AT DIV Burbank Home Depot day laborer center 20:00
Rick Oberlink
KPCC Program/Issues Report
January - March 2006 Page 2
Date Show Key 1 Brief Description Guest(s) -Reporters Time
01/12/06 AT FOR Iran has broken the seals at a uranium enrichment plant and said it was resuming nuclear research after a two-year freeze. Jim Walsh, Najm Meshkati 28:00
01/12/06 AT LIT new book, The Black Dahlia Files: The Mob, the Mogul, and the Murder that Transfixed Los Angeles Donald H. Wolfe 28:00
01/13/06 AT discuss this week's new releases Scott Foundas, Jean Oppenheimer 60:00
Jean Pasco, Steve Greenhut,
01/13/06 AT OC OC Roundtable about current OC news items 20:00
Gustavo Arellano
OC News criticized the Capistrano Unified School District for being corrupt, overcrowded and unresponsive to the needs of the city’s David Smollar, Steve Greenhut,
01/13/06 AT OC 10:00
students and parents Gustavo Arellano
The state of California will pay for prescriptions for seniors and the disabled who are unable to fill them because of glitches in the new Stan Rosenstein, John Cronin, Ann
01/13/06 AT SAC 28:00
Medicare program. Kasper, Jeff Flick
01/16/06 AT LIT Dr. Samuel Johnson created the first English dictionary in early 18th century Henry Hitchings 22:00
01/16/06 AT LIT "pop" language: catchphrases and buzz words spread by the media Leslie Savan 22:00
01/16/06 AT LIT The Life and Times of Lincoln Perry Mel Watkins 52:00
01/17/06 AT SCI Stardust space capsule landed safely Sunday at Dugway Proving Ground Thomas Duxbury 18:00
01/17/06 AT POLI federal drug law does not override the 1997 Oregon law used to end the lives Lloyd Levine, John Eastman 20:00
Professor Yoo about his new book, The Powers of War and Peace: The Constitution and Foreign Affairs after 9/11 and his views on
01/17/06 AT LIT John Yoo 30:00
presidential powers in wartime.
Jerry Hirsch, John Gillespie, Randy
01/17/06 AT ECON Wine trends in the California wine industry 30:00
01/18/06 AT HIST Los Angeles Times staff writer Miriam Pawel and her 4-part series on the United Farm Workers union Miriam Pawel, Marc Grossman 30:00
Bruin Alumni Association says it is concerned about professors who use lecture time to press positions against President Bush, the
01/18/06 AT POLI Shawn Steel 55:00
military and multinational corporations
01/18/06 AT ENT Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic Robert Hilburn whose last full-time day at the L.A. Times was January 16th Robert Hilburn 28:00
01/19/06 AT LIT H.P. Lovecraft and Extraterrestrial Pop Culture Jason Colavito 30:00
That local regulators have no authority to prohibit cell phone network operators to erect telephone lines or antennas based on
01/19/06 AT LAW Anthony J. Portantino, John Flynn 30:00
Maria Altmann, Jonathan
01/19/06 AT HIST Paintings were confiscated by the Nazis and an Austrian arbitration court has now ordered their return to the Altmann family 30:00
Petropoulos, E. Randol Schoenberg
Romesh Ratnesar, Graham Allison,
01/19/06 AT FOR The resurfacing of Osama Bin Laden in an audio tap 28:00
James Phillips
01/20/06 AT Discuss this week's new releases Peter Rainer, Andy Klein 60:00
The ways in which politics are influenced by religion and more specifically how Evangelical Christians bring their theology into their Richard Mouw, PhD, Reverend Susan
01/20/06 AT RELI 55:00
political discourse and vice versa. Russell, Doug Geivett
01/23/06 AT LIT His book Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success Art Kleiner 30:00
01/23/06 AT ECON Ford Motor Co. is expected to close plants and cut thousands of jobs in North America as part of a restructuring program David Kiley 06:00
01/23/06 AT LAB The first nationwide study of day laborers finds one in five has been hurt on the job and nearly half have been stiffed by employers. Abel Valenzuela 13:00
01/23/06 AT POLI Both parties have pledged to make lobbying ethics a top issue Rep. Henry Waxman 20:00
California lawmakers, educators, and astronaut Dr. Sally Ride explored ways to help teachers provide California students the strongest
01/23/06 AT SAC David Seidel 10:00
possible science and math curriculum
01/23/06 AT HEAL A review by the Los Angeles Times found that over the past five years, the Center turned down kidneys at an exceptional rate Charlie Orenstein 10:00
The Bush administration announced that it does not intend to seek any new funds for Iraqi reconstruction in the new budget going to Hal Kempfer, James Phillips, Basam
01/23/06 AT POLI 30:00
congress next month Al-Hussaini
All polls predict a victory for Conservative leader Stephen Harper, which would end 13 years of Liberal Party rule, shift the country to Mary Lou Finlay, Alain Dudoit, Tom
01/24/06 AT POLI 20:00
the right and, perhaps, improve relations with the U.S. Barnes
Two television networks, UPN and WB, will merge to form a new network called the CW. And Pixar Animation Studio's board reportedly Jim Bates, Charles Solomon, Dawn
01/24/06 AT ART 30:00
plans to hold a conference call today to discuss a deal with Disney Ostroff
Jordan Davis, Mia Lehrer, Larry
01/24/06 AT ENV New York-based landscape architect, Ken Smith, and his team, have been chosen to design the Orange County Great Park 20:00
01/24/06 AT POLI Larry talks with Palestinian experts about the repercussions of this vital election. Dan Ephron, David Makovsky 20:00
KPCC Program/Issues Report
January - March 2006 Page 3
Date Show Key 1 Brief Description Guest(s) -Reporters Time
01/24/06 AT LIT Her new book is: You’ll Never Nanny in This Town Again: The True Adventures of a Hollywood Nanny (Crown). Suzanne Hansen 20:00
Residents of California’s Chinese communities are self-reported pathological gamblers or problem gamblers at a rate far above that of Diane Ujiiye, Dr. Timothy Fong,
01/25/06 AT HEAL 30:00
the overall population. Pastor Mamie
01/25/06 AT LIT My Lucky Star, a new novel by Joe Keenan Joe Keenan 20:00
The Senate Judiciary Committee has endorsed the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, and the full senate will Roger Hunt, Amy Everitt, Daniel
01/25/06 AT POLI 30:00
begin debating his confirmation today. McConchai
Recently, the US targeted Al Qaeda members in a missile attack on Pakistan, sometimes these killings have been effective in stopping
01/25/06 AT MIL Hal Kempfer, Jeremy Levitt 40:00
Michael Brand ,Jorge Silvetti , Karol
The Museum closed in 1997 for renovations, which were supposed to take just a few years. 9 years and 270 million dollars later, the
01/26/06 AT ART Wight, Jerry Podany, Matt Randolph, 60:00
Villa is finally opening its doors again to the public this Saturday.
Richard Naranjo
Dan Ephron, Rafi Dajani, Rabbi Gary
01/26/06 AT POLI In a surprise landslide victory, the Hamas party won yesterday’s Palestinian parliamentary elections. Greenebaum, Dr. Laila Al-Marayati, 60:00
Dr. Alon Ben-Meir
01/27/06 AT Discuss this week's new releases Lael Loewenstein, Peter Rainer 60:00
Frank Baker, Scott Gold, Jim
01/27/06 AT MEDI Larry Mantle moderates a discussion at the USC Annenberg School for Communication on the challenges of covering breaking news. Hattendorf, Judy Muller, Lt. Paul 60:00
Vernon, Anita Vogel
A group of Los Angeles law enforcement officials, judicial representatives, homeless advocates, economic development leaders and Gilbert Cedillo, Jan Perry, Orlando
01/30/06 AT SAC 20:00
legislators went to New York to meet with their counterparts there in order to discuss the issue of homelessness. Ward
California law requires all direct recording electronic (DRE) machines to be equipped with an accessible voter verified paper audit trail
01/30/06 AT SAC Debra Bowen, Neal Kelley 20:00
(AVVPAT), which allows voters to verify their votes were correctly recorded.
01/30/06 AT POLI David Dreier about his efforts to head up a lobbying reform package and about various other issues. David Dreier 20:00
The allocation of power is central to the operation of a constitutional government. Two weeks ago, we heard from John Yoo about his
01/30/06 AT POLI Noah Feldman 30:00
views on presidential powers in wartime.
01/30/06 AT LIT Author of book Winning the Race John McWhorter, 30:00
Larry talks about with FilmWeek critics, Henry Sheehan, Lael Loewenstein, and Scott Foundas, about who they think should take home a Henry Sheehan, Lael Loewenstein,
01/31/06 AT ENT 30:00
statuette as well as who was overlooked by the Academy. Scott Foundas
the California State Assembly just passed a key measure designed to reform the campaign finance system in California in hopes that it
01/31/06 AT POLI Trent Lange, Rick Keene 20:00
will preempt similar scandals in Sacramento and provide the nation with a model for reform.
Ron Brownstein, Duf Sundheim, Art
01/31/06 AT POLI Preview of US State of the Union Address 30:00
Diane Watson, Joe Hicks, Earl Ofari
01/31/06 AT OBIT Death of Coretta Scott King in Mexico 14:00
01/31/06 AT SAC At last week’s conference of mayors in Washington, D.C., Antonio Villaraigosa argued that it can -- now he has to convince L.A.’s voters. Raphael Sonenshein 30:00
Alan Greenspan’s first term as Federal Reserve Chairman began on August 11, 1987. He retired yesterday (TUES), after more than 18
02/01/06 AT POLI Allan Meltzer, Joel Havimann 20:00
years, making him the second-longest serving chairman at the central bank.
02/01/06 AT LAW Shooting of Elio Carrion, a U.S. Air Force Security Officer who recently returned from Iraq, by a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy. Steven Cuevas, Jodi Miller 20:00
The Los Angeles Police Commission ruled Tuesday that Officer Steven Garcia violated the department's use-of-force policy last February
02/01/06 AT LAW Frank Stoltze, William Bratton 20:00
when he fired 10 shots, killing13 year old Devin Brown, at the end of a car chase.
Ron Elving, Lisa Garcia-Bedolla,
02/01/06 AT POLI The State of the Union address given by President Bush last evening. Arnold Steinberg, Adam Schiff, John 60:00
Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that daily doses of an experimental drug called nalmefene, often used to treat
02/02/06 AT HEAL Dr. Timothy Fong 20:00
alcoholism, appeared to curb the craving to gamble.
The Council of American Islamic Relations demanded an apology last week after KFI 640 host Bill Handel made fun of the deaths of 363
02/02/06 AT FOR Open Phone Discussion 30:00
Muslims during a stampede at the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca.
Jean Pasco, Steve Greenhut,
02/02/06 AT OC About the latest news events and developments in Orange County 30:00
Gustavo Arellano
In Runnin’ Rebel, controversial NCAA national championship coach Jerry Tarkanian share stories with Larry about the reality of college
02/02/06 AT LIT Jerry Tarkanian 30:00
KPCC Program/Issues Report
January - March 2006 Page 4
Date Show Key 1 Brief Description Guest(s) -Reporters Time
The study finds that some women’s heart muscles are starved for oxygen even though their coronary arteries are free of blockages on X-
02/02/06 AT HEAL Dr. Carl J. Pepine 10:00
Organizers of Saturday’s Chinese New Year Parades in Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley will exclude the controversial sect Falun Gong
02/03/06 AT RELI John Li, Eugene Cooper 30:00
from participating in the parades saying there is no room for groups such as Falun Gong,
02/03/06 AT Discuss this week's new releases Jean Oppenheimer, Andy Klein 60:00
In his new book The Wal-Mart Effect, business journalist and Fast Company senior editor Charles Fishman offers interviews with former
02/03/06 AT ECON Charles Fishman 30:00
Wal-Mart executives, workers and current suppliers
Jud Legum, Douglas Kmeic, Erwin
Some members of Congress, along with civil libertarians, are concerned about the President authorizing the National Security Agency to
02/06/06 AT POLI Chemerinsky, John Eastman, Gail 40:00
monitor, without warrants, some international phone calls and emails originating in the United States.
A new study from researchers at Emory University may be able to shed light on why Democrats and Republicans can hear the same
02/07/06 AT POLI Drew Westen 20:00
information, but walk away with opposite conclusions.
Lee Baca, Laurie Levenson, Jody
02/07/06 AT LAW 400 inmates in LA County jails were segregated after weekend racial clashes killed one inmate and injured more than 100. 30:00

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