• Smart Avaya voice solutions by Digia

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    • Abstract: Avaya Aura\'s most important benefits is easy and cost-efficient ... The applications offered by the centralised Avaya Aura solution. can be distributed to the ...

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Smart Avaya voice solutions by Digia
Prepare your telecommunications application for a new era
Digia has created a cost-efficient and easy way for customers to move over from their old switchboard technology to new, IP-based
communication applications. The Digia solution does not require replacement of the existing telecom platform. Instead, the new applications
can be integrated into the existing infrastructure. The basic concept of the solution is expandability, ensuring easy adaptation to the future
needs of all user groups through availability at each company site and utilisation of new communication services and applications.
Digia's intelligent voice solution In addition, the open system architecture and support for
The Digia voice solution is based on the leading technologies open standards facilitates easy integration of other TCP/IP-
offered by Avaya1 and DiVitas, as well as on Digia’s own expert based Avaya and third-party applications into the enterprise
services. Its core elements are: telecommunications system.
• Avaya IP telephony features and services, implemented on top of
the existing telephone exchange infrastructure The applications offered by the centralised Avaya Aura solution
• DiVitas mobile services and applications can be distributed to the individual company sites with the help
• Digia implementation and support services of the Avaya Media Gateway and Avaya Media Server products.
The advantages of the central administration of the Avaya system
The Avaya IP telephony system are easy operation and cost savings of up to 60 per cent when
At the core of the Avaya IP voice solution is the Avaya Aura compared to maintenance of a traditional telephone system.
software, on which the company’s IP-based communication
applications are built. Avaya Aura is an extraordinarily reliable, The key benefits of the Avaya IP telephony system are:
scalable open IP telephony platform, which facilitates smart • Substantial reductions in telephone costs through utilisation
communication for large and small enterprises alike. One of of IP technology
Avaya Aura’s most important benefits is easy and cost-efficient • Quick and easy expansion of scale and integration of new
adaptation to environments of different sizes and for possible communication applications
future communication applications. • Lower maintenance costs, through trouble-free central
By default, Avaya Aura includes a broad range of advanced • A solid, reliable, and safe telephony platform
applications, including call centre features and state-of-the-art
conference functions.
Gartner raport: Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony, Steve Blood,
Geoff Johnson, Jay Lassman, August 5, 2009
DiVitas Avaya Third-party
mobile applications communication apps communication app
Avaya IP telephony system
Company's conventional telephony system
Digia implementation and support services
DiVitas mobile applications Digia offers customers a comprehensive partnership covering the
The mobile applications provided by DiVitas facilitate the seamless entire planning process and implementation of the communication
integration of mobile phones into the Avaya telephony solution. services and solutions.
The DiVitas Dual Mode user interface for mobile phones makes daily Implementation and support
work more efficient. Employees can view their colleagues’ status Digia’s implementation, support and maintenance services ensure
and availability information in a single window and communicate a quick and successful changeover, resulting in immediate cost
via instant messaging instead of SMS. The voice mail application benefits. The development and project management procedures
shows the sender’s name next to the voice messages received, that form the basis for Digia’s services are certified according to
enabling the user to listen to them in order of priority. In addition, the ISO 9001 standard.
the DiVitas user interface allows easy handling of conference calls,
as well as call forwarding mid-call. Campaign
For the remainder of 2009, Digia offers enterprises the opportunity
The DiVitas solution optimises telephone costs by always choosing to switch from traditional to IP-based voice solutions at a
the cheapest available connection, which can be either WiFi- or favourable campaign price. The campaign includes implementation
GSM-network-based. This ‘least cost routing’ feature includes an of both the high-speed Avaya IP telephony system and the DiVitas
automatic call-back function, which is useful, for example, when mobile application in a closed environment without the need for
one is travelling abroad. replacing the existing conventional telephone exchange. This gives
the company an opportunity to try out IP-based voice services and
DiVitas mobile applications offer many benefits to the customer, explore the potential benefits and savings. Please ask your Digia
including: representative for campaign details.
• Higher team efficiency through shared availability
• Elimination of telephone costs within domestic and foreign
WiFi networks, resulting in substantial cost savings, CONTACT INFORMATION
especially for international calls Digia Plc
• Higher personal efficiency through the use of mobile Hiomotie 19, FI-00380 Helsinki, Finland
applications Switcboard: +358 (0)10 313 3000
Contact person: Antti Karjalainen
Email: [email protected]
Expanding the solution
Mobile: +358 (0)50 384 3735
Developing telecommunications based on IP enables customers
to integrate a multitude of new communication applications into
their business processes in order to boost efficiency and reduce
Possible upgrades include:
• Making the basic features (implemented during the pilot
phase) available to all user groups and company sites
• Call centre / contact centre solution for, e.g. customer
service or IT service desk operations
• Voice mail services
• Switchboard operator applications
• Presence and IM services
• Conference services (telephone, video, and Web conferences)
• Integration with business applications such as ERP and CRM
• Integration with third-party applications such as Microsoft
OCS and IBM Lotus Sametime

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