• A Layman’s Guide to Brainwashing and Mind Control at Behavior Modification

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A Layman’s Guide to Brainwashing and Mind Control at Behavior Modification
Programs for Teens
From 1951¹ to 1972¹ the C.I.A. conducted a variety of mind control
experiments on their own agents, military personnel, psychiatric patients,
prisoners, and the general public. These experimental projects were entitled
“Bluebird”, “Artichoke”, MKULTRA, and MKSEARCH. The C.I.A. uses the term
behavior modification interchangeably with mind control and brainwashing.
In the 1970’s, following the Senate Hearings condemning these
experiments, behavior modification programs for “troubled teens” began propping
up around the country. Programs such as Provo Canyon School in Provo, UT
began torturing and brainwashing children in 1974, but, it filed for its license and
zoning shortly after MKSEARCH was supposedly discontinued.
Based on information gathered by HEAL⁵, behavior modification programs
are sharing their data with the N.S.A., C.I.A., Foreign and Domestic Military
Personnel, and other government and scientific research operations. This
suggests that the brainwashing experiments continue in the form of teen “help”.
We invite you to compare the brainwashing methods described by Dr. William
Sargant in his research into the techniques of brainwashing used in Communist
China and Stalinist Russia to the phase/level system(s) used at programs such
as Provo Canyon School and Kids Helping Kids/Pathway Family Centers.
According to Dr. William Sargant’s² research into brainwashing, there are
four primary phases:
“The first phase…is called “the phase of physical control and lasts about
two months. Novices are allotted all sorts of…physical tasks, often of a
demeaning nature…During this period of physical exhaustion…themes
are designed to instill a maximum of disillusionment in the mind…After two
months of “physical control” a second phase of more intense
indoctrination begins. Physical work is now reduced, and the number of
small and large group meetings greatly increased. Care is taken that for
six and sometimes seven nights a week the trainee shall go to bed
mentally and physically completely exhausted…Finally, the remainder
reach a third stage [phase] of “crisis” and breakdown. This occurs after
about six month’s training [brainwashing]…With this [third phase] total
disruption of old behavior patterns, the new ones [fourth phase] become
much more firmly implanted…In place of his [the trainee or brainwashed
person] feeling of guilt he is now fired with the conviction that he must
publicize his newly found security and help others find peace of mind
through service to the Organization [Cult]. It takes at least another four
months of intense work to consolidate the hold on the now willing mind.
Some rewards are given for enthusiasm and in appreciation of the
conversion of the trainee.”
The residential “treatment”/boot camp/wilderness therapy/behavior
modification program industry uses a similar level/phase system in their
“conversion” of normal kids to “Stepford” children. Here’s an example of the
phases in a modern day behavior modification program:
Phase 1. Deny all contact with outside world. Deny interaction between
“students”. Deny basic needs as punishment (food, sleep, clothing, heat,
water, etc.). Create confusion and use physical and mental exhaustion as
a tool to breakdown “old behaviors”. This causes a complete mental
breakdown in the child. (Forced betrayal of one’s self.)
Phase 2. Once a child becomes “agreeable” to submission, small
“rewards” are given for obedience and the risk of being returned to the
earlier phase is held out as the worst punishment one can receive.
Children are persuaded to make up stories (false confessions) about
themselves and others in the program in order to get rewarded for their
“honesty”. (Forced betrayal of one’s peers.)
Phase 3. The child has no more opinion of him/herself based on own self-
image or the reflection of his/her peers. The child completely loses and
disassociates between “old life/old behavior” and “new life/new behavior”.
(Complete mental/emotional breakdown and intentional creation of
disassociative disorder.)
Phase 4. The child is completely submissive and brainwashed. The child
hates everything they once were or knew. The child only feels safe in the
program and only credits the program with his/her success. Child is given
“responsibility” to “lead” other children. (Child is now brainwashed and
actively aiding his captors in brainwashing others.)
These methods are destructive and violate every sacred human right. And,
according to world-renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Breggin³, “To [sic] force
thousands and even millions of teenagers into…treatment against their will would
not only be unethical, wrong-headed, and useless, it would further humiliate and
alienate them.” Our children deserve better.
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