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    • Abstract: m a n ag e m e n tin f o r m at i o n s ystemswww. te l fe r .uO ttawa.c aTelfer School of ManagementMY echoichonours bcom with specialization in c lu b s a n d

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m a n ag e m e n t
in f o r m at i o n s ystems
www. te l fe r .uO ttawa.c a
Telfer School of Management
MY e
honours bcom with specialization in c lu b s a n d
management information systems a s s o c i at i o n s
Available in CO-OP. The Management Information
Systems Association attracts
Our curriculum combines the study of management principles with sound training in students in management
computer science. Offered in collaboration with the School of Information Technology and and from other faculties to
Engineering (SITE) of the Faculty of Engineering, this challenging program covers technical organize all sorts of events and
areas such as the verification, control and protection of integrated information systems, as activities linked to the
well as core subjects such as management science, business administration and mathematics. MIS program.
d i d yo u k n oW ?
The Telfer School of
Business and technology forecasting Business analyst
Management has computer
Business data mining Business systems manager
laboratories specifically
Electronic business Chief information officer (CIO)
Information systems analysis Computer programmer designed for its students.
and design Information and process analyst
project management network architect
Business process redesign project manager
Business telecommunication Researcher
and data networks Software developer
Software tester
Systems consultant
Technical service representative
What do you like most about the management information systems program?
MIS is the perfect combination of business and IT and with today’s increasingly
technology-dependent market, knowledge in these two fields is essential. Also, I’ve always
enjoyed being challenged and MIS definitely does that. It is my personal belief that it is
through challenges that you grow. This makes this program even more rewarding.
describe your favourite first-year professor.
Anastassia Bratalski Every professor is different, but I have yet to meet one who did not want to help me. My
favourite first-year professor was Richard Blute. I was lucky enough to have him for two of my
third-year student math courses. He is an excellent teacher. There is a difference between a teacher and an educator
ottaWa, ontario and he is a teacher personified. He really knows how to convey subject matter so you understand it.
He was always available for any questions and really made you feel like he wanted you to succeed.
are you involved in any extracurricular activities?
A year ago, I was responsible for logistics for the Telfer Business and Technology Conference
with the Management Information Systems Association (MISA). It was a great experience. I got
to work with amazing students and professionals in addition to organizing a memorable event.
This opportunity provided me with not only professional contacts but also good friends.
in What Ways do you feel that your uottaWa education is preparing you for your
My education at the University of Ottawa, and specifically in management information systems,
is opening more doors than I had imagined possible. Just in terms of employment, I am being
prepared for not only management positions but IT positions as well. Double the job market of
other programs!

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