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    • Abstract: Chemical Fact File ®Chlorine — NIOSH 6011The working range of NIOSH Method 6011 for chlorine is 0.007 to 0.5 ppm (0.02 to 1.5 mg/m3) for a 90-liter air sample. This method

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Chlorine — NIOSH 6011
The working range of NIOSH Method 6011 for chlorine is 0.007 to 0.5 ppm (0.02 to 1.5 mg/m3) for a 90-liter air sample. This method
may be used for STEL samples. Hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen bromide may interfere with this method.
Required Equipment: 2. For calibrating the pump, use the sampling train described above
1. An air sampling pump capable of sampling at the recommend- and connect the inlet of the filter cassette to the calibrator with flex-
ed flow rate with the sampling medium in line, such as: ible tubing. Calibrate the pump flow rate to the rate specified in the
method. When calibration has been completed, remove the filter cas-
• SKC Universal Sampler sette, reinsert the inlet and outlet plugs, and save the filter cassette for
• SKC AirChek® 2000 Sampler recalibration at the end of sampling. Request SKC Application Guide
• SKC AirChek XR5000 Series Sampler #1366 for more information on calibrating a pump.
• SKC AirChek 52 Sampler
3. For sampling, set up a sampling train as above except use a new
2. An air flow calibrator, such as: preloaded filter cassette and do not remove the inlet plug on the filter
• Defender Primary Standard Calibrator Cat. No. 717 Series cassette until ready to sample. The inlet of the filter cassette should
be facing down. Attach the cassette holder clip to a worker's collar
3. SKC Preloaded Coated Filter Cassette Cat. No. 225-9006 and the pump to the worker's belt. Remove the filter cassette inlet plug
and turn on the pump.
4. SKC Filter Cassette Holder Cat. No. 225-1
4 Sample at an accurately known flow rate for the recommended
period of time.
SKC Application Guides:
1. Sampling Train — Filters and Cyclones, #1166
5. At the end of the sampling period, turn off the pump and note
2. Calibrating a Pump Using an Electronic Calibrator, #1366
the ending time. Remove the filter cassette and use the end plugs
provided to plug the inlet and the outlet of the filter cassette. Record
any pertinent sampling information.
Flow Rate 1000 ml/min 1000 ml/min
6. Calibrate the pump with the representative sampling media in line
Sample Time 1.5 hours 15 minutes
to verify that the flow has not changed by more than 5%.
Air Volume 90 liters 15 liters
NIOSH REL 0.5 ppm 1 ppm
7. Submit field blanks from the same lot number as the sample filters.
(NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods [NMAM], Fourth Edition, 8/15/94)
Field blanks should be subjected to exactly the same handling as the
samples except that no air is drawn through them.
8. Pack sample filters, field blanks, and all pertinent information
Sampling and Analysis: securely for shipment to a laboratory for analysis.
1. To set up a filter cassette sampling train, select a preloaded coated
filter cassette and insert the filter cassette into the filter cassette holder
with the cassette inlet facing down. Remove the outlet plug and connect Storage:
the fitting on the end of the rubber tubing of the filter cassette holder Samples are stable for at least 30 days at 25 C. Protect samples
to the filter cassette outlet. With the flexible tubing provided, connect from light.
the filter cassette holder to the pump inlet. Request SKC Application
Guide #1166 for more information on preparing filter cassette sampling
Analyzing Method:
Ion chromatography (IC)
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